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Would like to know if anyone bought the soundtrack to ES: Skyrim and was it worth the $30 either thru digital or actual 4 CD set? Also, where would be the best place to get it considering a site called has it with the option of having Jeremy Soule signed copy (wasn't sure if that was legit or not). Any opinions would be great!

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Ordered a copy of the soundtrack from there but it hasn't arrived here yet.

According to wikipedia Jeremy Soule owns Directsong so I trust it's legit.

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Yes its legit, Bethesda has linked to there multiple times. And yes get it, its amazing.

#4 Posted by Taka (199 posts) -

The Soundtrack is really really good...

but i my personal opinion it is not worth 30 bucks just because there is way to much stuff that has the same basic theme

Just get the best 6-7 Songs and forget the rest

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I would much prefer if they just had a digital download though Bandcamp or something.

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As far as I know, is the only place you can (officially) buy it from.

Edit: Also, I don't see it available digitally.

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I am really tempted, but with shipping the 4 disc set will be £25. Still cheaper than if I had to buy each song through itunes but doesnt look like there is a digital option.

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Thank you all for the quick response...gonna order it this week.

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I'm more interested in the behind-the-scenes dvd and artbook the collector's edition came with only because I can't just go out and freely purchase them.

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Has anybody from the UK bought this?

I always feel hesitant to buy things from non UK retailers.

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@Hizang: It should be fine, just pay via paypal. The shipping is an extra $8, bringing it to £25. A hell of a lot for some CDs. It also sounds like it could take at least 2 months to get to you.

I want it so bad.

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@Hizang: I have bought it but it hasn't arrived yet (I live in Northern Ireland but you Brits treat us the same way, no offence)

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Hm, might get this. The soundtrack can almost be called sublime.

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I wanna get it too, but I still don't think I like it as much as Oblivion's soundtrack.

Dusk At the Market

Sunrise of Flutes

Harvest Dawn

Just a few of the ones that really stood out to me from the Oblivion one. So nostalgic and so great.

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Waiting on delivery to Canada. Ordered it a while ago, but slow shipping - considering it has to be signed, and shipped across the border - is nothing new for me. Patience is a virtue.

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It took a while but today I finally got my hands on the soundtrack! From playing the game I know it has great songs and all but I'm not satisfied with the condition the album arrived could think this album has been used for something else before because it is not all in a great condition even though it had plastic etc. protecting it during shipment. Every goddamn edge of it is damaged and the actual plastic part holding the CDs are scratchy as hell. 
Some pics: 


 Damn them edges!

 Scratchy and all but as a big fan of Jeremy Soule's work I'm pleased with having this bad boy signed.
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@Vexxan: Rad!

I haven't got my signed copy, yet. Hoping it's arrived when I get home today!

#18 Posted by Grimluck343 (1163 posts) -

@Vexxan so sexy!

#19 Posted by oasis789 (115 posts) -

does anyone else think it sounds like Pirates of the Carribbean OST?

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