Skyrim the 13 (classes)

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What are the 13 classes that you get from the stone things( Warrior, Mage and Thief are the first 3 at the beginning.)

#2 Posted by Doctorchimp (4078 posts) -

They aren't classes. Those are just standing stones you can pick to help out your character.

#3 Posted by TEHMAXXORZ (1199 posts) -

I'm pretty sure there are more than 13, because I have the achievement and there are still some undiscovered standing stones on my map.

#4 Posted by Troglet (18 posts) -


  • Standing Stones -- Find 13 Standing Stones
    • You must discover all thirteen of the standing stones.
    • Note there is a glitch allowing you to receive the Standing Stones achievement by visiting any standing stones a total of 13 times rather than finding all 13.

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