Skyrim XBOX Live Point Card

#1 Posted by DarthMedard (11 posts) -

No idea if this is new or not, but I just stumbled across this

A 1600 points card for Skyrim from Belgium's largest video game retailer, with a release date of May 9th.

Again, no idea if this has popped up anywhere else before, but in case I discovered something new here, I just wanted to share it.

#2 Posted by zyn (2591 posts) -

DLC on May 9th!

#3 Posted by thomasnash (585 posts) -

Has it been confirmed at 1600 points then? Bit steep imo if it is.

#4 Posted by Bell_End (1203 posts) -

@thomasnash said:

Has it been confirmed at 1600 points then? Bit steep imo if it is.

wouldnt that depend on what you got for that 1600 points.

#5 Posted by _Chad (960 posts) -

It says 1600 at the top then it says 1200 in the description. I'm confused.

#6 Posted by Nick (698 posts) -

1600 sounds about right, hasn't Bethesda said they want to do large expansion type DLC's for Skyrim?

#7 Edited by FritzDude (2273 posts) -

Not to disappoint here, but this is most likely a Skyrim themed 1600 Points Xbox Live card. I've seen plenty of games themed cards like these around various shops, id est Forza, Gears of War, Fable et cetera.

I just checked with one of my game stores and they'll get a 1200 points Skyrim card May 30th. I highly doubt there's any resemblance to a DLC May 9th.

#8 Posted by thomasnash (585 posts) -

@Bell_End: yeah, obviously I suppose. I don't know where I'd draw a line though. I mean, I know I wouldn't pay 1600 for anything that came out for Fallout 3, but I also probably wouldn't pay that much for Baldur's Gate: Tales of The Sword Coast expansion either, and I think that probably cost a bit more on release? Similarly, I'm not sure the Dragon Age expansion was worth the £20 I paid for it.

We don't even know whether it will be 1600 points yet, I suppose, so I might feel it's worth it at the time, I'll reserve judgment.

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