Skywind the maybe most ambitious fan mod ever created.

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#51 Posted by SlashDance (1758 posts) -

I don't know... Morrowind already exists and mods can already make it look great. This thing sounds a little bit pointless, but hey who am I to judge, it still looks really impressive.

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@ch3burashka: Lol, please don't mistake me for some naive 14 year old, mate. I completely realize, understand, and aprechiate the differences. But once again, it doesn't stop me from wishing it wasn't this way.

Gotta say, wishing for console mods seems like a waste of wishing time.

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@guesty_01 said:

Looks fantastic. Wish mods were a thing on console haha. Oh how I can't wait for TES6.

PC master race and all that. Honestly, at this point, it's abundantly clear what the modding/DLC/patching situation is on consoles vs. PC. If you want the benefits of variety, invest in a PC. Otherwise, well...

I guess you never played Unreal Tournament III on PS3, because it had mod support. I think the issue is mostly that few developers and/or publishers embrace the mod community these days, and are enthusiastic enough about it to convince the platform owners it has to be done.

Oh right, UT3, one game from 2007. That's a trend, I think.

I think that is evidence that it is possible if somebody bothers with implementing it. For the most part, games these days, even on PC, seem to be moving away from mod support.

#53 Posted by Darji (5295 posts) -

@fisk0: The biggest problem is that console games have to function and if a game crashes which happens a lot with mods it becomes useless. Also it is already optimized like hell to run on these specs if you ad stuff it will just suffer or not even work anymore on consoles. The stuff in Unreal was very minor stuff to begin with. Just some tweaks and levels nothing really big´you could do with it., Also I do not think that mod support goes away. The Steam Workshop for example shows you the opposite.

#54 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7612 posts) -

People really can't let go of Morrowind

Probably because both of the sequels are the epitome of games being dumbed down for mass appeal.

#55 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

70+ developer team? Damn I hope they finish the mod before passing away.

#56 Posted by Brodehouse (9370 posts) -

My Ambitious Mod Project, or How I Learned To Quit Halfway When I Got A Real Job.

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@sooty said:

70+ developer team? Damn I hope they finish the mod before passing away.

those cards won't punch themselves!

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