So... How's that Dragonborn DLC?

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So the Dragonborn DLC launched like two weeks ago and I haven't been hearing anyone talking about it on here. I'm guessing this is because most of you are playing it on PC where you have to wait till next year to play it. (Lol) I'm going to be downloading it in the next couple days when I have time off and I'm just curious to know how this turned out. Obviously Mountable Dragons sounds like a wet dream, is this feature any good? Is the story campaign longer and more worthwhile than Dawnguard? What's the dealio duders?

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It's been a while and I kind of whipped through it, but I'd say it's definitely better than Dawnguard. Main quest line length seemed about the same. Dragon mounting is pretty shitty and spears still aren't in. You can respec skills and that's pretty cool. Really made me realize how fucking sick of Skyrim I am, though.

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Dragonborn's main questline is substantially shorter than Dawnguard's. It's all of three or four missions. And a boss battle at the end, obviously. But the boss fight is neat and the new locales look really great (one in particular, a plane of Oblivion, looks fucking incredible).

Dragonborn earns its cash through side content, however. There's more to plunder in Solstheim than there was ever added to Dawnguard. New armor types, new breeds of dragons, a slew of new enemies, spells, shouts. And a perk reset feature at the end of the journey. Just in case you might've wanted that.

I really enjoyed it. It took me a long time to get through Dawnguard because I didn't feel enough new content was present on the surface (though, I'm of the ilk who resisted the allure of Vampirism, so the actual gameplay experience didn't change all that much anyway). Returning to Solstheim and catching up on the happenings of Morrowind is neat for an Elder Scrolls buff like myself, even if Solstheim as a separate island isn't especially vast. And the main quest, while probably too short, was interesting enough, cached within the glamour of new equipment and loot, to keep me entertained.

I liked it a lot. Is it worth twenty bucks? If you aren't looking for a reason to hop back into Skyrim, then no. But if more content in an interesting territory sound like your speed, it is absolutely worth your time.

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Thanks for the detailed responses! More Skyrim is probably the biggest appeal of this DLC for me as my desire to play that game is at an all time low. Good to know there's a lot of new stuff to mess around with.

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