So I have a gamebreaking bug that I cannot bypass

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During the A Cornered Rat mission when you find Esbern I have encountered a bug that has flat out made it impossible to complete the mission, and therefore the entire game. I get to his door to talk to him and the audio doesn't play at all, although the text is there and I can select options. So when the conversation is finished he's supposed to open his door and let me though instead he stands behind that door doing absolutely nothing. I have waited for 5 in-game days, I've used console commands to disable and enable the door, I've killed him and revived him after toggling no clipping to go through the door to see if that would fix his scripting. I have even deleted my Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPref.ini files to go back to default (since I wanted V-Sync off). NOTHING WORKS.

I'm out of options here. Has anyone here encountered this bug and how in the fuck can I fix it? I have a 150 hour save game file that is useless now. I've done all the faction missions, a massive pile of sidequests, made a pile of armors (both vanilla and modded), and have been playing it slowly. Now after all of this I encounter something on the PC that I cannot get around.

Congratu-fucking-lations Bethesda. While you were off adding functionality for a terrible piece of hardware that's become a glorified microphone and announcing DLC your game is still broken and is still a massive pile of shit. How in the fuck this thing got countless game of the year awards is beyond me at this point. And I just know that they're not going to fix even the most serious of issues, just like Morrowind and just like Oblivion, forcing modders to make unofficial patches.

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You could use console commands to skip to the next part of the mission, or even to finish it and give yourself the next one in the chain. I had one quest in the main quest interfere with another side quest to the point where I could not talk to the NPC to advance either, and thats what I did. I dont remember the exact commands, but a quick google search should do the trick.

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An open world game with a bug?!?!?!?!

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@AiurFlux -  This is all you need. Good luck!

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