Struggling on what to specialise in!

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So I bought skyrim and have played for about 4 hours. I love it, but I cannot decide what to put my skill points in.

The thing is I love everything. I like destruction magic, but then I like one handed too. But then I love conjuring creatures and raising zombies to do my bidding, but then oh the bow feels nice. I really wish there was a respec option :(

Damn you Skyrim!!

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Then spread it evenly. Its what I did and its worked out fine.

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@Rebel_Scum said:

Then spread it evenly. Its what I did and its worked out fine.

may I ask what you spread things out in?

I just remember in a similar game (could have been oblivion) I picked the wrong choices and it really spoilt the experience. I should just stop letting it get me worked up and just enjoy myself. Silly I know

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Oh the perks, whatever I wanted. I thought you meant the levelling up points you spend on Magic, Health and Stamina. My bad.

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If you bought the PC version, respec mod could happen

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@Daveydave: You CAN always hang on to your perks if you're not sure, and see what you end of liking the most. Then, start dumping the points into what you want to get the strongest. Currently, I can one-shot so many people with my bow cuz mine has damage increased 5/5 on the perk tree. Also, crit hits, and I went up the sneak tree on the right side just to get the damage bonuses (no other perks in Sneak tree even though it is at 100, lol). Recently started getting into destruction magic, so that is at about 75 right now, and I can OWN some stuff with it (Also my conjuration is at 98 right now, so summoning a Dremora Lord is LEGIT). However, the bow is still my most powerful ally. Just found what I liked and stuck with it.

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Make a batlle mage; one-handed and magic. Works well. I beat the main line by level 25, so it's not as if any decision you make will hinder your progress much, just may make it a bit tougher than it could be.

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You can get away with spreading points around.  Just stick to one weapon type (axe, sword, or mace) and one destruction element (fire, ice or shock) for your perk distribution.  If you find yourself having a hard time, then just knock the difficulty down a peg.
This is a good way to go for your first playthrough, because it lets you get a feel for various gameplay styles.  I find that focusing tightly on specific skills is much more satisfying, but that's what second playthroughs are for.

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  • Axe & shield
  • Light armor
  • Shouts & epic beard
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Make sure and level up smithing and enchanting. The magic in Skyrim is butt and underpowered, so you're wasting your points with Destruction.

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With Skyrim, I've decided to take the approach where I'm going to try a roleplay each archetype (Rogue / Fighter / Magic User). I'm playing the Theif/Assassin right now and I'm skipping over a lot of stuff, since I only think a Thief would venture into a dungeon if he were paid or heard a story of treasure inside. I'm pretty much skipping mines and bandit caves unless I can tell there is gold or ebony to be had, and only taking quests I think a Thief or Assassin would stick their necks out for.

I'm okay with this because between the three classes I think I'll see everything eventually, and it will make each playthrough more fulfilling. And since it's going to be 4-5 years before we see another Elder Scrolls game, there's no hurry to finish this one.

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@FritzDude: Beard perks would be amazing.

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