The Coolest Moments You've Experienced So Far

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Yesterday, after fighting two dragons at once (yes, I fast-traveled), I was jumped by three Thalmor Justicars. They usually only attack if you agro them, but these came at me like road bandits. I killed them with ease, but when looting one of them I found a Justicar Execution Order which mentioned my name and that I was to be eliminated. The note went like this:

Be on the lookout for the Orc called Brakal. he is an enemy to the Thalmor and has actively disrupted our activities and caused great harm. If spotted you are to destroy him with extreme hatred.

Be advised, he is extremely dangerous, and quite able to defend himself. If caught by local authorities, we are unable to offer you any assistance.

For the glory of the Aldmeri Dominion!

Now, you know those wandering Thalmor groups you often see? I always kill them, and then strip and sell their gear. So is this because of that or is it connected to the main storyline in some way… anyway, wicked cool.

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The following is an excerpt from a new character I have made, (after having played Skyrim for a while), with which I am playing what I call a "semi hard-core" game. (details in a recent post "A Life. . ."). I thought it would fit nicely into the theme of this post. Hope you enjoy it. I am further on with his life by now and he has made a major life - decision. However, here is a little episode from early in his career. (His name is "Lester B.Krottch"). Maybe I will post some of his further "adventures" if some interest shows in it.

Lester has his own little eccentricities. For instance, because he had a difficult childhood (I am working on his Bio.) he is very "street-smart" and also cannot stand being insulted, due to a deep-seated sense of low self-worth. As I said in that previous post: ". . .if someone insults him or mocks him, he will strip them of all their gear and leave them by the roadside for all to see.(Nobody f*cks with Lester B Krottch ). . . " .

The following little scenario occurred recently. It doesn't have a Dragon or Werewolf in it nor is it overly dramatic. Not giving any spoilers, Lester was a low enough level not to hastily take on some bandits who had taken ver a certain ravine pass. However, he wanted to get through and NOT pay their demand, and at the same time teach them a lesson by killing them all and having their camp for his own hideaway, in which to store his growing load of loot. So, thinking up a simple strategy, he gradually picked them off with his bow and arrows. Then he killed the bandit chief by luring him out, running away ("like a girl " he calls it), hiding and sneaking and bit by bit hitting on him with arrows 'til he died. During this time, Lester accidentally shot one of three Imperial soldiers wandering near the camp so they came after him. He ran, as above, but as he rounded a nearby cliff outcrop, an assassin jumped him. In the quick, fierce battle, he managed to kill the assassin and kept running. The soldiers gave up as he hid. A few minutes later, he crept back to the assassin's corpse and found on him, would you believe it, a note from the Dark Brotherhood, hiring him to kill Lester. He was amazed as he read the note." 'My name is actually in this note.' , he muttered. I haven't wronged anyone thus far so they would send an assassin after me. Well. . . I HAVE killed quite a few opeople but they deserved it." Lester felt both offended and also somewhat proud to have such attention thrust upon him.

Anyway, the three soldiers came over the cliff top. He killed one from a distance and the other two ran for him. He jumped into the nearby river to swim across. In front of him, he saw a huge Sabre Cat heading into the water towards him, likely thanking its Cat God for an unexpected late supper. Lester was no match for it. He was "between a rock and a hard place". Choosing the lesser of two evils, he turned and headed back to the soldiers. As the Cat got to him, the foolish soldiers tackled it. He stumbled past the soldiers and the Cat turned on them. From a safe distance he watched as that humongous Moggie took them both out. Then it swam back across the river and ambled up the hill. The bodies of the soldiers floated down over the falls. Lester strolled back to the bandit's camp and slept a very satisfied sleep 'til next morning. He looked over at the river and in the distance he could see the Sabre Cat's corpse floatng in the weeds. Did she die from the soldier's hits? Did something else kill her?

As he watched, a lone figure walked to the camp. She told Lester she was a Mercenary, sent to investigate the "trouble" in the area. Upon Lester offering to help, she treated him with great distain and in a very arrogant manner. So he hid, sneaked and killed her and stripped her of her very nice Dwarven Armor. .If she hadn't been so damned rude he would have let her be but she sure pissed Lester off. He muttered to the Merc's dead body as he took her gear: " ' Pride comes before a fall.', you puffed-up bitch ".

Shortly after he unceremoniously deprived the Mercenary of both her life and her armor, an Imperial guard drifted slowly up the camp path on his weary mare, followed by a Nobleman on his white stallion. They stopped by Lester and the soldier said: " I know you" and accused him of having a bounty on his head. Lester was not in the best of moods. However, while protesting his innocence, he thought to himself: "Oh, what the Hell" and gave him the bounty money. (Already he was deciding to kill the dim-witted b*st*rd and get his money plus extra back). After paying the soldier, Lester walked to the Nobleman and said "Hi" . He, looking down his high-born nose, promptly sneered to Lester, (speaking in Skyrimese, of course), in effect, : "F*ck off, you lesser species of turd"

That did it. Lester headed up the cliff, took careful aim and put two arrows in the soldier's head.. Then, before the Nobleman had time to consider his potentially very short future, two more arrows knocked him off of his nice horse, dead before he hit the ground. Lester thought about that. " I HAD been going to just whack the soldier and chase the Nobleman because, as far as I was concerned, he hadn't done anything to deserve retribution. But he, like the Mercenary, sealed his silk-clad fate when he looked down on the working-classes. " ( Lester knows his place.)

Then he dumped their bodies, along with the Mercenary's body, in the river. The place was beginning to get cluttered.

Thus ends a very brief episode in " The Life of Lester B. Krottch ".( Absolutely no similarity to any living person intended, excluding, possibly, one or two of my own relatives). Hope you enjoyed it. :)

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Fought my first wild dragon today (being level 12, I feel like this should have happened already O_o).

Anyway, I had resolved to make the long trek from Whiterun to Solitude, so I loaded up Lydia with improved gear and we were off. As I passed the old tower where you fight the first scripted dragon, a frost dragon came circling overhead. I've encountered a few dragons, and they typically circle about and then fly away without attacking, but with Whiterun guards raining arrows down on it, this dragon was none too pleased. I unsheathed my Orcish bow, Lydia got out her Imperial bow, and we joined the fray.

The dragon took a few strafing runs and blasted some of the guards, but it was taking some good damage from our volleys. It finally decided to fly off, about 100 yards, to a nearby clearing and set down. I wasn't content to let this dragon get away, so me and Lydia gave chase. I drew my Orcish sword and dagger combo and charged the beast as he attempted to shout me down with frost. I was not deterred, but my blades weren't putting quite the hurting on it that I was hoping, and my health and stamina were failing me. Suddenly, volleys of arrows came from behind me and began striking the dragon in the face. The guards had caught up and re-joined the battle. We had a fight on our hands.

Just then, to my surprise, a ghostly wolf came out of nowhere and began attacking the dragon. I wasn't sure what he was or what he was doing, but I was happy for the help. As he aggroed it, I switched out the dagger in my off-hand for my flames spell (I'm a Destruction novice, but I still use flames from time to time). I sprayed down the dragon, and with a final attack from my Orcish sword, I leapt onto the beasts head and mercilessly stabbed it. As the battle was won, and I absorbed the soul from my dead foe, I took a moment to bask in the glory of battle.

HOWEVER, just as I turned to get back on the main road, I was jumped by none other than a Dark Brotherhood assassin! I don't know what he was thinking, since he just saw me kill a dragon and all, but he still decided he wanted to fight. So I drew my weapon, only to have the ghostly wolf from the Dragon battle re-appear and straight up murder the stupid bastard. Apparently, the Staff of the Familiar that I'd given Lydia to hold (so I could sell it later) was something she'd taken a liking to, and was now using it in tandem with her shield, hence why this wolf had kept appearing. I think I'm going to let her hang onto that.

Anyway, apparently the Dark Brotherhood wants me dead. Not sure what I did or who I pissed off, but I'll make sure to keep a lookout as I trek closer to Solitude.

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@Artemesia: I'm doing a similar thing. As I'm playing a Khajiit, I feel a strange kinship with the caravans across Skyrim, so regardless whether I really NEED something or not, I always make sure to buy something (typically their stock of Moon Sugar) whenever I find them. This morning was actually the first time I'd seen the typical Whiterun group with an entire series of tents, tanning racks, cooking pots, and everything set up. I was wondering whether it was because I'd been supporting them so much or because I gave Ysolda that mammoth tusk and she'd joined the caravan (or somethin, I dunno!).

Either way, it did my heart good to see my people doing even slightly better than they had a few days earlier when they were all just kind of standing outside the city looking sad.

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not going to spoil it but, try using unrelenting force on the giant orange globe in Blackreach

oh and another cool moment was when i realized you could mine by just hitting it with a pickaxe

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There have been many, but the one that comes to mind is early on in the game when I was walking through a town, I don't remember which one it of the smaller ones. I was walking down the main street and the ominous dragon music started playing...out of nowhere, a fire dragon does a strafing run right down the street, killing a few people and sending two kids who were playing tag running in opposite directions. It was awesome. Then guards started coming in from side streets and firing arrows up at the sky...pretty sweet moment and all entirely unscripted. 

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decided to get the Master criminal achievement, last city was Falkreath, so i walk up to the lone guard and insta kill him, suddenly my controller buzzes and i hear the dragon behind me, i turn around to see an Elder dragon plop on the ground and proceed to die where he landed. lol

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I was on a way to a mission from the main story that I still haven't gotten to in fact. I was with delphine, some guy whose name starts wtih E, my horse and a companion close range specialized nord. I was on my horse just casually trotting in front of the rest of my cool team: E man a mage not as powerful as myself (a mage as well), delphine an archer/dual wielding BIATCH and my nord female companion 2 handed, hot-headed brute. So as we were causally strolling through a lovely path between lovely river and a mountain I saw a huge shadow go over us and a roar. So I thought great another of these countless random dragon encounters. Begrudgingly got off my horse; it started by flying across us and setting my friends a light. I summoned a frost atronach and started shooting thunderbolts at it and realized it was an ancient dragon which I'd never fought before, tough guy he was.

In the middle of the fight the dragon decided to fly away up the mountain with most of his life intact. So we all followed him determined to end this pests life. We finally made it up the mountain and witnessed it laying waste and devouring some imperial soldiers in their camp. By the time we got there he'd killed most of them. we all charged, I got my greater ward out since he was doing some serious damage with his flame attacks. The dragon took flight! and began attacking delphine and my nord brute; I began to pummel it with spells as my frost atronach, E man's atronach, delphine and brute woman were pummeling him. E man and I shooting spells in the background. The dragon then decided to turn to me. I was caught off guard and he one shotted me. Luckily I'd saved during that fight, so I loaded and tried again this time I had my greater ward up in time and when he tried BBQing me up again I bloked the flames which looked awesome!

The fight went on for some time but we eventually defeated him, I then went on to heal my team. We then went on to continue our journey. We crossed the river via a small stone bridge and reached a sort of marshland. I was suspicious of this area as there was some sort of large camp ahead. Wooden platforms over the watter connected to some stoney camp area on top of the hill. I summoned my atronach and waited for the rest of my crew. My horse (which I'd been riding again) decided to charge in instead of running as it did during the dragon fight. It was a forsworn campsite, with many of them there including: archers, close range specialists and mages. We all finally charged in, I began paralyzing the close range enemies and using destruction magics to take out the archers, then finished off the close ranged guys with my summoned sword. We thought the fight was over, but above us on the stoney camp area were the mages who'd been casting ice spikes at us from a distance. We all charged up, the weaker one was down! The other one was using frost cloak though and was much stronger. My loyal and longtime friend the nord brute charged in without the rest of us; I saw her get taken down before my very eyes by that WITCH, killed whilst attempting to yield, how goddamn cowardly. Shocked and frusturated I just stood there whilst the rest of my team was catching up to see the atrocity commited to that our lovely female teammate. I just stood there for a while and took that forsworn's spells for a little while thinking about just letting her kill me. But then enraged I thunderbolted her to death and she flew off the mountain side.

I was terribly annoyed that now I'd have to carry my dead companions full ebony armor and ebony battleaxe. But miraculously her limp dead body got up and she was back to normal. That's when I found out she must be considered a fundamental character, an undying companion; awesome! Happy once more I found my horse and we continued towards our final destination. I got on my horse and galloped ahead ("scouting" :P), and then, as I was galloping through the shallow water of a small stream... the game locked up on me for the first time... I had to do the whole forsworn fight all over again; not nearly as epic as the first time.

Well there you go, that's probably my most recent cool moment I can think of from Skyrim... Sorry that was really long. :P

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Just randomly walking around, seeing a group of three bandits running the hell away from something, noticing one dead on the ground and a single mud crab pursuing.

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the coolest thing so far was being shot in the knee by an arrow.

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@snide said:

Was on my way to another quest and stumbled upon a small house. Looked like just about every other house but sat in the middle of the woods. Meh, I'll check it out. I pick the lock then notice a bandit downstairs. That's weird I thought, a bandit inside of a house? I go ahead and sneak/backstab him for a 1-shot kill and search around the place noticing nothing of any value. This seemed super weird, and I just blew it off as a place that prolly had to do with a questline. As I head out, I notice a small button behind a dresser. I push it and a secret door opens to a dungeon below. Turned out to be a bandit cave and after 30 minutes of sneak sniping my way through bad guys I find the ringleader asleep in her bed. The space is crampt and she kills my light-armor khajit with her flame ax. Next load I do a crit backstab while she sleeps and use my shouts to whiddle her down as I keep my distance, weaving and striking with my daggers when she overswings. I eventually take her down and find not only a treasure chest, but a whole mess of gold sitting in an ACTUAL PILE in the room next door. I smile, remembering that I'm a thief and felt for the first time in years that I was actually roleplaying in a video game.

I'm pretty amazed with this game. I expected quite a bit, but I'm really enjoying the combat/exploration this time around. Altogether the game feels much more fleshed out than Oblivion, and while the outside areas don't have much variety I'm really pleased with the dungeon design and combat. Excellent, much improved game.

But, then who was phone?!

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I just had my moment. I entered a Giant's camp to claim a boundy for the Jarl and to my amazment possibly the greatest battle i had seen was happening. Me and lydia watched as mammoths and giants battled a single dragon, when another appeared behind me. I was locked in dragons vs giants and mammoths vs me. As i finally slayed them all i went to a spring and waited 2 hours and saw...a Flying mammoth that went up itself, and fell to its death. strange game

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I was fighting a giant, (well, more like running away in great haste) and I turn around to look to see where the giant is in relation to me, and he was several feet behind where I was expecting him to be. I then look for my follower (Faendal) and he is soaring in the air and I look in awe, and subsequent laughter. EDIT: He totally fell down into his "taking a knee" stance, and I killed the giant. So that was a relief.

I was also in another part where I has fighting a saber cat and I ran out of mana, stamina, and was almost dead. As the saber cat is pouncing in midair, almost in slow motion, Faendal shoots an arrow and it hits the saber cat directly in the side of the head, and it dies. Really awesome.

I one time ran into two saber cats and I wasn't strong enough to fight them at the time. So I ran away as fast as I could and led them into a full bandits camp, and had them fight to the death. Too bad the saber cats massacred those fuckers.

EDIT: As a more powerful character, I went back and did an easy quest I never finished and so I cleared a castle very easily and when I made it to the top, I used Unrelelnting Force and blew the last (and hardest) enemy so far that I never found the body. That was a moment in which I truly felt powerful.

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I'll just copy a post from another topic:

I decided to murder an entire village of Orcs. Do not ask why. Everything was going swimmingly until I faced off against the chief. This fucker refused to die, no matter how much I punched him. I then decided to lure him outside and let the Giant take care of him. One problem: he murdered that Giant, and, fresh off a recent kill, still wanted me dead. Knowing I couldn't kill him, I decided to murder all of the guards in nearby Riften, instead. So yea, something along those lines. Random shit that either nobody else would think to do and/or would never happen again in another playthrough.

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I was hiking over some mountain or something, somewhere between Whiterun and Windhelm when a goat literally flew into view from off screen. I'm assuming it got hit by a giant or something, but it was goddamn terrifying. Fortunately I was able to snap a picture while it was still in the same timezone.

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This is actually from a few months ago, but the fact that I still remember perfectly makes it really stand out as a cool moment.

Anyways, I was doing one of the last quests for the Mage College, and on the way out of the dungeon I was stopped by a Thalmor Wizard, who basically challenged me to a magic duel. He was totally destroying me--unlike me, he actually knew how to use warding spells--and using his lightning bolts had slowly whiddled down my health and magicka. I had maybe another fireball left in me when I remembered what I'm pretty sure was a loading screen tool-tip: fireball is unwardable if an enemy gets caught in its area of effect. Instead of firing dead on, I cast my uber-fireball to his side, blowing him up and staggering him. Then I blasted him some more, drew my blade, and ran in for the kill.

While I'm not the biggest fan of Skyrim's combat, its completely nonlinear nature does lead to some pretty great moments like that.

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I was in mortal when a buch of mercs attacked me for no reason. I looted a note of one and it was from the shopkeeper whose place I has stolen from asking them to kill me. I then kill the husband and wife in their own home

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My best moment was when I was gathering some ingredients to make some potions I look on my kindle for the efects of a giant toe when I hear a roar and see a dragon heading strait toward me so I ran forgetting I was level 50. Then I turn back to see Alea and my dog fighting an elder dragon. So I call upon my familier and start using my bow and a little magic. Best moment yet.

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