The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim To Use New Engine

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In my own experience, graphics engine that're built internally from the ground up tend to lead to mostly glitch free gaming sessions.  I'm probably wrong in several cases of course, but I'm going on personal, limited, knowledge.
Here's to hoping. (Raises pint glass.)

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@REDRUN said:
"Best news ever.Can't wait to see the glitches in this one :) "

Pretty much what I was thinking. I am guessing moon walking dogs that shoot bees out of their mouths would not be too much to ask for? 
I hope they do good with this but it will be interesting to see what sort of bugs this game may encounter.
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I smell epic. 
Oh boy, oh boy. 

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I hope I can steal Sean Bean's horse in this game like I did with Oblivion.

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I'm so excited for this game.  I have high expectations for this game and I am wondering if they could put it possible multiplayer.  With a massive world like Elder Scrolls presents, it could be doable.

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Last i heard, the Gamebryo thing went bankrupt, so they can't use the engine, unless they decide to buy Emergent or whatever they're called.
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Sweet. Bethesda games are some of my most favorites. I hated NV because of the load times, and I shat on it in a review for that very reason. The next games running smoother, loading faster, and looking better is fantastic news, plus new gameplay that they will surprise us with.

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i'm more excited about Max von Sydow being involved in this than anything else.

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@bigskeng said:
"i'm more excited about Max von Sydow being involved in this than anything else."

Hopefully he won't simply appear in the intro and then die/bugger off.
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Actual game aside, the music/chanting is badASS.

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The music alone is just so... Elder Scrolls. Getting goddamn goosebumps. 
Awesome trailer. Just awesome.

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I hope this harkens back to the days of Morrowind, even though I played a bunch of Oblivion, I still liked Morrowind better.

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I know, Bethesda STILL can't get it right. It's amazing.
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Thank god. I'm sick of the engine they've been using recently.

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The real surprise comes when it turns out to be a text based adventure.

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I reckon the new engine will run on peanut oil or bio-diesel, meh probably some kind of petrol hybrid... broom broom BEEP BEEP

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Very excited about this, I been in the mood for this type of adventure in this type of world for a long time, but I refused to go back to Oblivion. Glad I did. 

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This is all good news to me, new engine is a step forward.  Oblivion was awesome.  I'm looking forward to playing this.  I'm sure the new engine will have some bugs, but what game do you know of that has no bugs?   I was seriously starting to wonder if there was going to be a V for a while there.  

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I'll jump on board no matter what! I know i'll get excellence and long nights from this!

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