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Well it's been a while since the trailer was released, or at least it feels like it, and it's been a while since I actually watched the entire thing. 
So far I've noticed it could be telling the story line of Skyrim, quite discreetly, and I'll get straight to what I think it is:  

-Eras ago some guys killed a big-ass, bad-ass dragon (like the queen or something) 
-All dragons fled Skyrim 
-Eras later Oblivion gates open and then are closed (probably by the  main character(you) whom closes the main/great gate in IV: Oblivion) 
-Skyrim falls into civil war 
-Dragons return, the Elder Scrolls appear to predict this event. 
-Nobody believes it until the dragons start attacking (when the truth dawns, it dawns in fire!) and the civil war is ended for the good of the people. 
-A group of people, known as the 'Dragonborn', are a bane to the dragons and a last hope. 
- The story could pick up with you being the/a Dragonborn (like the trailer, being chased by a dragon) or the/a Dragonborn dying and somehow passing his/her powers to you. 
So what do you, the Giantbomb, community think the story could be?

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The general plot has long been revealed. From the UESP

The High King of Skyrim has been murdered, triggering a civil war among the province's people, the Nords. Many Nords wish to secede from the empire, which has been declining in power since the fall of the Septim Dynasty 200 years earlier, while others believe the empire is still worth preserving. A prophecy foretold by the Elder Scrolls is fully realized by this last event; dragons have returned to the land, and the Nordic god Alduin rises to consume the world. The player character is the last of the "Dovahkiin" (or "dragonborn"), mortals who are born with the soul of a dragon and can speak their language. Esbern serves as advisor, himself one of the last of the Blades, who swore to preserve the Empire. This prophecy is also spelled out on Alduin's Wall, a stone wall at Sky Haven Temple, the secret hidden refuge of the last of the Blades.

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The game will start with you in prison, like all Elder Scrolls games.

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There's totally a guy taunting you about your wife, as well. True story.

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