Third-Person Camera on Consoles

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I've played quite a bit of this game on PS3 and could never understand why the camera was so close to my characters in third-person view. Only now – after losing two characters and starting fresh – have I discovered how to adjust the field of the camera.

Just hold down the right stick (R3) and press the left stick forward or back to adjust. You get a huge range of depth, and I'm ecstatic about it. This may not be news to anyone, but whenever I've complained about the camera here or otherwise, no one had given me this advice.

Hopefully this helps make your playtime more enjoyable (although I'm sure many are breaking for Diablo). I might still have a handprint on my face.

All I need now is the ability to take a screenshot.

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It took me forever to find out that you can do this for Oblivion as well, and it is glorious.

If I'm not mistaken, all you have to do on PC is scroll the mouse wheel.

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I didn't realise anyone played Skyrim in third person. Although Skyrim's third person seems a lot more competent than Oblivion's.

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Holy crap! 

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@benspyda: I don't do it much unless I'm just travelling, but for melee combat you get a lot of more interesting animations. Worth it in easier battles.

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@benspyda: I play all Beth games in third person, I like to see my character.

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I never found third-person to be anything worthwhile at all. The character just doesn't animate as well as they should with a third-person camera. Also having the reticle while in third-person just looks wrong. Turning the HUD off almost makes it cool to use, but then you realize archery is impossible and picking up items as well! Also the camera gets fucked to hell when in dungeons!

To each their own I guess, but until Bethesda actually takes time to work on the third-person view I'll only play their games 1st person! Amalur almost got it right, but I felt like the camera followed your slight turns when sprinting too fast.

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