This game is so unstable...

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I don't quite understand how this got so many passes when New Vegas got bombed for the same crap. But after the last few patchs, the glitch of mammoths launching into the air, glitching in corners. Crashes a couple times a day in a 4 hour average play time. Totally broken AI... etc. The seems to be absoluted no polish in this game. Does anyone feel this way or do I just have shit luck? Are there custom patches somewhere

I came straight to the forum from my last crash so I'm kinda livid.

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You just suck.

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PC version, right?

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Yeah I had a few of these problems back on release, but it must've been three days until it was fixed. Never really had problems since then. If you're using PC then it could be a hardware/software issue.

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I think I only ever had two or three glitches playing Skyrim. I've logged over 200 hours, so either I'm lucky, or just highly unobservant.

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If you're on the PC, you might want to look into BOSS. Funky ESM and ESP load orders can make the game very unstable. BOSS attempts to put your ESM/ESP files in a load order where overriding content doesn't screw up other content.

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Is there something wrong with your PC by chance? My 300+ hours of Skyrim were almost entirely crash free.

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Welcome to Obsidian games. Have fun.

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@Stonyman65 said:

Welcome to Obsidian games. Have fun.

Skyrim is 100% Bethesda
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If you're playing on PC there is the Steam workshop which has mods such as making the day/night cycle in real time. I've put 152 hours into Skyrim, and with some basic mods (realistic lighting, high-res texture pack etc) the game is great. I didn't see many glitches during the playtime that influenced the gameplay too much - just some hilarious minor bugs that are understandable considering the scope of the game.

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On what system?

I have had almost no problems on the 360 version. Then again, I had almost none with Oblivion, Fallout 3, or New Vegas, so maybe I'm just lucky. Or maybe

@Xolare said:

You just suck.

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Skyrim is by far the most stable game Bethesda has released that I can ever remember. No missing or uncompleted major quests. No crashes. No save game corruption. Of course there were bugs in the game. And of course by each subsequent patches it actually got more unstable....

So that is your answer: The reason why reviewers and players "gave it a pass" was that the pristine, out of the box first release was fine.

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Skyrim worked a hell of a lot better for me that New Vegas. My favorite part of New Vegas is when my save file magically vanished 3 times.

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@MrKlorox said:

@Stonyman65 said:

Welcome to Obsidian games. Have fun.

Skyrim is 100% Bethesda

Right. Either one. They both make messed up games.

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Using any texture mods?

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Im at over 100+ hours of play time with only two freezes and almost no glitches. The few that I've had only make the game better.

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Nah really?

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I only had a few problems on release but since then I haven't had any problems in my 100+ hours.

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Not sure if it matters, but I play on the Xbox 360. I haven't had hardly any problems. Especially any that ultimately take away from the amazing game play and experience.

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