Totems Of Hircine

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So I post a forum about this last year when the game was released, but now its been a year and still I have no totems.

If you don't know what I am talking about, these are the Totems that you are required to get to have Werewolf perks in the Dawnguard DLC , its pretty dumb, but whatever. The game glitched when it came out so many people didn't know these existed in the original game. Now one year later it is still glitched, even with the release of DLC the hinders on these quest lines. It's rather frustrating.

Not sure if anyone can help me, but I have done probably about twenty-five of these animal extermination quest and I got nothing. I've looked for videos, forums, and explanations to why or how I can fix my problem, but Skyrim hates me. By the way I'm playing on the Xbox, probably has something to do with it.

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I think you get those perks from eating people as a werewolf same as the vampire. Try searching xXxDeej on you tube the guy shows you how to get them totems. hope that helps

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