Waiting for GotY Edition vs. Buying now

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Before I say anything let me just point out a few things. I enjoy Bethesda's games. Oblivion, Fallout 3, and New Vegas I've had lots of fun with the creative and wonderful worlds that Bethesda has crafted. True there are some glitches and bugs here and there but none of them got in the way of my questing as I just had to see just how much further I could go before I had to put the controller down for lack of sleep ,food, or bathing. Skyrim is no exception to this. I cannot say a single bad thing about the game and after having played an hour at a friends house it only firmly cemented that I had to get my hands on this.

However over time I've become more conscious on how I spend my hard earned dollars often finding it's best to wait until a price drop. Patience certainly favored me when I got my hands on Fallout New Vegas a month ago brand spanking new for only $15. Of course I also wanted to wait until the game got some patches as many critics including those here cited some of the games almost game breaking bugs forcing you to restart or find a previous save if you wanted to keep playing. Thankfully that hasn't happened to me yet as I'm certainly loving this game. Still I don't have all the expansions yet as I plan to download them and considering the total cost it was still a good idea to wait.

But of course there is in fact an ultimate edition of New Vegas coming that will bundle all the expansions in one nice little bundle. Bethesda did the same with it's Game of the Year Editions for Oblivion and Fallout 3 the price seeming like a steal with such great adventures and all the extras packed in. I think I should also mention that when I picked up New Vegas I went to Xbox Live Market place to find that all the Pre-Order DLC packs were available for next to nothing and oh how that made me smile. But given Bethesda's track record it's almost assured that one year from now Skyrim will have a GotY edition of it's own packing in expansions and maybe some DLC to boot. Not to mention the price could very well be half of what it sells for now. I'll admit I felt a little suckered when I saw this with Oblivion after buying the game on week 1 and it's expansions the week they were released as well. Still it's not to say that took away my enjoyment but I couldn't help but think about how much money I could've saved if I just waited one year.

This my friends is the reason why I have yet to get my hands on Skyrim yet. Again it's a beautiful, wonderful, and fantastic looking adventure, just I feel it may be wiser to simply bide my time, be patient and buy the game when the GotY edition hits. I've made this argument to a few of my friends who got the game who have either simply shrugged or told me "Seriously? You wanna wait a whole year before you play this?!"

But that's just my two cents folks. Other than the fact I have to miss out for 12 months I really don't see any other down side to waiting. Although I'm sure some of you folks might have some arguments. What say you?

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"Seriously? You wanna wait a whole year before you play this?!"

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@Evilsbane said:

"Seriously? You wanna wait a whole year before you play this?!"

100% this. 
The game is amazing. Just get it now. 
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I'm waiting for the GOTY edition. It's a single player game so it's not like I'm missing the community, I'm getting all the content for a cheaper price and usually most of the major problems are fixed. I did this with Fallout 3 and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

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I wish I were as patient as you.

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Waiting is always the best course of action with Bethesda games.

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Just wait for the GOTY edition. You get the game and all it's expansions at a cheaper price, the community will have uncovered most if not all the secrets in Skyrim and the patches will have fixed many glaring issues. 

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It's really just a decision between "do I want to drop $60 now and play it when it's relevant" and "do I want to wait and save some money." There's really no wrong answer. Personally I would say there are fewer and fewer games being released that I feel justify a full price tag but Skyrim is one of them and is worth the $60.

If you plan on picking it up on PC, know that there is no construction kit currently. People that push the argument OH MAN BETHESDA IS SO MUCH COOLER WITH MODS DONT BUY CONSOLE HARRGHHH are enjoying the super enhanced gameplay experience of texture replacers and not much else currently, so it may be worth waiting in that regard.

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if you're patient enough, than sure. I am not that patient.

You have good points about the patches and bug fixes that waiting will bring, however, if waiting for the dlc add ins is a big factor, I don't really know which side to pick. I'm hoping that they do something substantial with it like what they did with Shivering Isles, which would be worth bundling. However, the Fallout 3 stuff wasn't great, and certainly didn't add a whole lot to the experience. Besides, its not like there is any shortage of gameplay in the initial offering

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Yeah, there really is no wrong course of action here and it's not like ya HAVE to decide one way or the other. The game just came out. So that means it's not going anywhere for a while. And really the whole idea of having to play a game now cause it's relevant doesn't really phase me at all. Hell I still play Mega Man X on SNES and that wasn't really relevant last I heard. But I fucking love that game. As I'm sure I'll love this one when the GotY edition hits =)

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lol dude if skyrim isn't worth $60 now than either...

A.) you don't like games or B.) you're too damn poor and need to go pick up more pop cans.

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Both. If any game was worth having two copies of it's this one. Get it now and experience the awesome, and get it a year from now and have your perfect little package.

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@slacker4life said:

lol dude if skyrim isn't worth $60 now than either...

A.) you don't like games or B.) you're too damn poor and need to go pick up more pop cans.

And you need to go kill yourself, like right now. One option only.
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Buy now! Then, when the GOTY edition comes out, convince a friend to buy that one and borrow the expansion disk from him.

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@Atary77: now you do know that youll have to wait for all the DLC to come out before the GOTY is released right?

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Waiting this one as well, was worth it with fallout 3 =)

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Considering I'm at 93 hours and barely touched the main storyline I'd say there isn't really a need to wait on Skyrim. Having said that I just picked up Fallout New Vegas on PC with all the DLC for $16 during the autumn sale.

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This game needs no DLC. There will be DLC, but there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of hours. Honestly I won't get DLC unless it is super good.

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Skyrim is good. After I finished that, I had a few hours of gametime with the SW:TOR beta and now..... I feel lost.

So I started a new game as an evil Thalmor ;)

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Wait if you want. I'm a good 100 hours in and I'm not even halfway through the main story. Plenty of side stuff done though and I'm already considering what I want to do with a second character.

The game is amazing. There's an incredible amount of worthwhile content. Even with the occasional bugs it has the game is perfectly playable and runs great the vast majority of the time.

For me it's fun playing it now seeing all this new stuff and figuring things out with everyone else. There's no built-in online component so it's kind of like building your own in online communities like this one.

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there were very few buy day one games this year for me, Skyrim was one of them, dude just get it

#22 Posted by xjay (6 posts) -

I would have loved to be able to put 100 hours in (I put in 60) but I did find the game would crash to desktop after a while... usually the last hour of resting or the last hit to kill a dragon.. It did get quite annoying -_-

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Relevant to topic:

DON'T! : The Secret to Self-Control

Snippets for those who don't want to read the whole thing:

"A researcher then made Carolyn an offer: she could either eat one marshmallow right away or, if she was willing to wait while he stepped out for a few minutes, she could have two marshmallows when he returned. He said that if she rang a bell on the desk while he was away he would come running back, and she could eat one marshmallow but would forfeit the second. Then he left the room."

"Most of the children were like Craig. They struggled to resist the treat and held out for an average of less than three minutes. “A few kids ate the marshmallow right away,” Walter Mischel, the Stanford professor of psychology in charge of the experiment, remembers. “They didn’t even bother ringing the bell. Other kids would stare directly at the marshmallow and then ring the bell thirty seconds later.” About thirty per cent of the children, however, were like Carolyn. They successfully delayed gratification until the researcher returned, some fifteen minutes later. These kids wrestled with temptation but found a way to resist."

"Mischel began to notice a link between the children’s academic performance as teen-agers and their ability to wait for the second marshmallow."

"Once Mischel began analyzing the results, he noticed that low delayers, the children who rang the bell quickly, seemed more likely to have behavioral problems, both in school and at home. They got lower S.A.T. scores. They struggled in stressful situations, often had trouble paying attention, and found it difficult to maintain friendships. The child who could wait fifteen minutes had an S.A.T. score that was, on average, two hundred and ten points higher than that of the kid who could wait only thirty seconds."

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

@slacker4life said:

lol dude if skyrim isn't worth $60 now than either...

A.) you don't like games or B.) you're too damn poor and need to go pick up more pop cans.

And you need to go kill yourself, like right now. One option only.

Pffft, give me fucking break. If you're weighing the options that hard to wait ~8 months to save maybe $20 on a 100 hours of entertainment just gtfo....

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I played Fallout 3 shortly after release. I picked up 4/5 DLC packs and while I enjoyed them, I felt like something was lost by having some of those experiences after I'd done everything else in the game. I didn't have much use for the gear that I found and they were all very disconnected from each other.

I bought New Vegas this year a few weeks before the last DLC was due to be released. I got the three packs that were out and started the game. Every once in awhile I'd leave the wasteland to pursue one of those stories. It was a much better experience for me. There was also the nice side effect of being able to pick up the game for $10 on sale. Unfortunately that last DLC was delayed so I took a break from the game. In the meantime some other stuff has come out, but I'm planning on jumping back in this winter and playing that last piece of DLC and finishing the game.

I figure I'll wait until Skyrim's DLC is all available before I start on it. I don't have the time or drive to play big games like these twice so I'll hold off until I can have the experience that I prefer.

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I'm definitely waiting for the GOTY edition because I'm not the biggest fan of Bethesda RPGs....so I'll be getting it for a cheaper price with all the extra content and I don't mind waiting.

#27 Posted by pw2566ch (480 posts) -

I understand what saving that hard earned money is like. So I suggest waiting on the GotY edition. There is no problem with that what-so-ever. I mean, what are you going to miss out on, a few forum posts on the game?

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I don't understand the rationale behind "waiting for the GOTY edition" especially for a game like Skyrim where DLC probably won't have a meaningful impact on your enjoyment of what is already, a massive game (it would make even less sense for the PC version since mods will no doubt eclipse the amount of content any official DLC would contain). I get that you're saving money but nowadays almost all games (especially open-world games) come with at least some sort of DLC so you might as well just wait a year to play everything. Which is fine if you're willing to wait but for me, saving $50 on DLC that I may or may not buy is not worth waiting a year.

Then again, I'm the guy who pays for a VPN just so that I can play games before their release dates (i.e. that's how I was playing Skyrim on PC almost a day early) so I guess I'm pretty biased when it comes to this subject.

#29 Posted by Rowr (5657 posts) -

Getting it while it's hot is worth a little extra money. Otherwise naturally half of the suprise will get spoiled for you in forums such as this one, the graphics will look shabbier and shabbier, or you will be distracted by newer things.

#30 Posted by SlightConfuse (3963 posts) -

if you feel like waiting upwards of 1+ years than that is your prerogative. skyrim seems to have ton of content already that it already seam like good value.

also im sure it will get cheaper throug hsteam slaes and post holiday shopping deals

#31 Posted by Rusputin (75 posts) -

You know you just want to get it now.

#32 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1852 posts) -

@slightconfuse said:

if you feel like waiting upwards of 1+ years than that is your prerogative. skyrim seems to have ton of content already that it already seam like good value.

also im sure it will get cheaper throug hsteam slaes and post holiday shopping deals

That's a good point, actually. Assuming you want to buy it on the PC, it may go on sale during the Winter thing Steam likes to do. It won't be $20 but saved money is saved money.

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I'd rather pay to play when the zeitgeist is there, when people are most willing and excited to talk about it, where you are most likely to enjoy discoveries unseen and unreported as of yet.

I hate playing games after the fact.

Besides, this game has so much content that I won't even get the chance to play the DLC when it comes out.

#34 Posted by Vexxan (4620 posts) -

Patience, young padawan!

Nah, seriously, go get this game now. You won't regret it. Waiting one whole year for it is not something I would do.

#35 Posted by Jayzilla (2562 posts) -

I am waiting for modders to get a hold of it for PC. Also waiting for a few patches to smooth things out. I have been burned one to many times by bethesda's lack of polishing their games. they do however get better with patches. would be nice to see them release a game in a more finished state though. also, it will end up saving me coin buying it used after its been out a few months. modders always make great content too.

#36 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

The benefit of waiting is that the game is pretty much guaranteed to be patched to perfection at that point and the mod community will have released all the awesome goodness.

If you've just bought FO:NV, go ahead and play that for 200 hours. It's still an awesome game.

#37 Posted by jetsetwillie (857 posts) -

i depends on how desperate you are to save £15ish i guess.

if thats the case why not do that for all games, wait a year for the price to go down and play then.

personally i couldn't wait to play skyrim and not to bothered i paid a premium for that

#38 Posted by AiurFlux (902 posts) -

It's an amazing game and has a baffling amount of content. At times you can do 1 quest and pick up 5 more while doing that 1 quest. It looks good. It plays reasonably well. It has incredible sound design.

However I cannot, in good conscience, recommend buying it right now. It is unbelievably broken. And after the latest patch dropped and broke some more things while not fixing others that they set out to initially fix it is even worse now. No word of a lie, and this is entirely based on opinion, but at times it makes New Vegas feel kind of refined in how it was tested, and we all know how much of a clusterfuck New Vegas was. There are some serious problems with it, and even if you don't wait until the GOTY edition (if there is one) you still won't have to deal with some of the headaches that Skyrim can cause. For all of it's positives there are an equal amount of maddening faults that will drive you up the wall. My advice, wait for 2 months and then check in on the status of it. If it's good, buy it. If it's bad either steer far far away or get it on the PC where inevitably mods will fix the problems.

#39 Posted by Zor (656 posts) -

I would say wait... but then again, i didn't... i just rented the game, put a bunch of hours into it, and now i don't feel like playing the game ever again (even when dlc comes out for it).

As for the 'large' amount of content, i'll tell you right now, it a lot of smoke and mirrors, nearly every quest i went on ended up with my guy going into some crypt, ruin, or cave to get to point x, while killing everything on the way. It was fun, but it is as repetitive as any MMORPG. So you might want to wait for some dlc to change the formula.

#40 Posted by TEHMAXXORZ (1199 posts) -

Despite what a lot of people are saying, Skyrim is honestly not that buggy, certainly not in terms of game breaking bugs (you may have a few mammoths spawn in the air and drop down), and it's a fairly awesome game. The whole 1.2 patch thing isn't that serious, backwards dragons? Awesome. Broken resistance to magic & disease? Bah, you don't need those.

#41 Posted by Atary77 (502 posts) -

@Ravenlight: See this is what I'm talking about. Yeah I may have to wait a year to play Skyrim, but I just got FO:NV so I can spend loads of hours on that, and by the time I'm done I'll probably grab Skyrim then. Waiting a year isn't that bad really epsecially when the games from the previous year are now more affordable for me. =)

#42 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

@Atary77: It will probably take closer to two years for the GOTY edition.

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