Want to make a Mage. What race should I be?

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I'm wondering what race I should be if I wanted to be a Mage? I was considering either imperial or high elf.

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It doesn't really make a difference. Just go with what you want, since you can spike your mage's effectiveness on the back end with enchanted items and apparel.

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You can be any race really. It doesn't make that much difference, especially later in the game. Here are some good early choices though. 
High Elves would be good offensive mages due to 50 extra points of magicka and the ability to regenerate magicka quickly. From a role playing perspective however, High Elves are assholes :P 
Bretons would make for good defensive mages and battle mages due to their magickal resistance of 50 points, but again you can just use enchanting. If you enchant a necklace, ring or shield with 20% magical resistance you already have 10 more than a Breton would.
Finally, Orcs. I know right, orcs? But yeah, their racial ability, Berserker allows for double damage and half damage taken, works with spells apparently, although i haven't tried it out.
But like i said, you can really go with any race as in the long run it doesn't make that much difference.

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#4 Posted by Nux (2684 posts) -

Go with High Elf they start with more magicka and have the ability to regenerate magica very fast once a day.

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Go with whatever looks sexier. This game doesn't really discriminate here.

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#6 Posted by Dagbiker (7031 posts) -

Elf if you want a good "early start" as in the first 5 hours, else go with what ever you want.

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#7 Posted by Vexxan (4629 posts) -

High elf! They look awesome(at least the females) and have extra magicka. 

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#8 Posted by ravensword (4173 posts) -

How do high elves look in this game in gear? I kinda think they look like insects in this game.

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I'm level 44 with my high elf and I seriously recommend the highborn ability for some of the tougher enemies. I've maxed enchanting and now it's useless to me...well maybe not, I could use it to spam greater ward, the mage shield.

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High elf's racial ability is killer. Almost instantly refills magicka and keeps it regenning very quickly for the duration of most battles.

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I went with high elf myself. Their racial ability is definitely nice to have if you are going to go the mage route. But like someone else said it really doesn't matter you can tailor whatever class you pick for the way you want to play.

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#12 Posted by PepitoneConQueso (41 posts) -

I like Bretons because I prefer a battlemage to a straight up mage, plus I just can't stand high elves.

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Are you playing on a PC?

If you're playing on the PC I'd say go for whatever race you think looks cool, since it's only a matter of time until a more robust spell system gets put in.

If not then go High Elf or Breton. High Elf has a really good +50 magicka bonus.

But seriously this game can be done anyway you want it to.

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Argonian. because your a lizard harry.

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#15 Posted by Subjugation (4923 posts) -

I used a Breton, personally.

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