Weapons Don't Degrade. (No More Repairing your Weapons)

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I personally think this is a joke. Why?

Obviously, they're making a lot of great changes from Oblivion and Morrowing, but they keep removing RPG elements which isn't good for someone who enjoys RPGs (duh). Although, devs don't care because they now want to appeal to another audience, an audience that would never play a RPG that takes a lot of "effort." Another example is how they removed athletic and acrobatic skills. People say you level up in those skills by simple playing the game anyway. Sure, but it's nice to see my character becoming stronger from walking from town to town, rather than fast traveling.

All in all, I like having skills I have to rank up, dedicate time to and manage my equipment. It seems most of you don't agree with that last sentence, but I'm not going to say you're wrong or you're a casual gamer. Like I said before in this thread, everyone has their own opinion and I'm not going to argue it.



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Fine by me.
Also, link.

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It was more tedious than anything. Good riddance.

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Awesome, a welcome addition

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I like this. I feel like weapon repair is just busy work that is used as a money sink, and prevents advancement. 
I know this is in direction contrast to my usual "NO! BE MORE LIKE MORROWIND!" stance, but we all need to a little bit of dissension, I guess.

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Interesting. To be honest this was always a bit of a ball-ache anyway.

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A lot of people, especially die hard Morrowind fans will be pissed, me? I'm just happy that i don't have to carry around f***ing repair hammers and spending an eternity raising my armorer skill.

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OH THANK GOD. I seem to have some kind of compulsion to keep everything at 100% and have to put points into armorer "or repair in fallout", even though I would rather put them somewhere else.

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I mean uh ... *ahem* stupid dumbed down piece of console shit. 

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Sweet, now how 'bout that encumbrance?

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im glad this is happening

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The exact opposite reaction I expected. 
... but I agree, I am so glad that they're removing armor degradation. I hope Far Cry 3 takes a hint and does not include any sort of weapon degradation.

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Thank god.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: speaking as a die hard morrowind fan, I fucking HATE weapon degredation, so I love this.

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Finally! It would have been better if you were required to sharpen your blades every now and again instead of the weapon actually breaking every 10 mins but still, no repairs makes me happy :D
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Good. I hated having to carry hammers around and press A to repair armor....man that's not for me, just the hardcore gamers. 

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I guess these positive responses wasn't what the OP wanted to see.

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I think it's a great change. Armorer was always kind of a worthless skill; the only reason to raise it in Oblivion was so you could get the 125% Armor/Damage benefit once you hit 75+, in Morrowind it was even less useful and you were much better off just spending money to repair items than bothering to raise it up. 
The change into a fully-fledged smithing system is great, it takes the good aspect from Oblivion (improving your gear) and expands upon it. Instead of having a skill that's effectively only useful as a time/money saver, it is now a proper skill worth building up.

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Awesome, I HATED that shit in Oblivion.

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Good, weapon degradation in RPGs is usually just awful.

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You know I seem like the only one but I really didn't mind it. But if they are actually turning it into something better then I'm all for it.

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@CrazyChris said:

I guess these positive responses wasn't what the OP wanted to see.

People have their own opinion, I'm not going to act like an ass and try to tell people their opinions are wrong.

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I'm totally OK with this.

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@Intro: Could you explain why you think it's a "joke?" I mean, I'm genuinely curious: what part of an equipment degradation system is interesting to you? Do you find it fun to have to maintain equipment? What positive aspect does it add to playing the game?
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I too am happy nothing more annoying than realizing all my armor had degraded and now wasn't protecting me. 

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Good riddance

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@dungbootle said:
Sweet, now how 'bout that encumbrance?
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Awesome. Like someone said, it would have been great that if, instead of having to repair weapons and armors, you could somehow sharpen them or add extra protection bonuses for some time. But great news is great news. Even if it's a "joke" for some.

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I'm glad to see the response to sensible streamlining is overwhelmingly positive here.

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@Riboflavin said:

@TheDudeOfGaming: speaking as a die hard morrowind fan, I fucking HATE weapon degredation, so I love this.

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@Aishan said:

@Intro: Could you explain why you think it's a "joke?" I mean, I'm genuinely curious: what part of an equipment degradation system is interesting to you? Do you find it fun to have to maintain equipment? What positive aspect does it add to playing the game?

Fun and positive things could be two totally different things between us. I do think managing things such as your weapons is good in RPGs. It was in Oblivion and I didn't mind it, having to use a different sword, find someone to repair my weapon or repair it myself made sense to me. If I constantly used one sword, it make sense that it needs to be "taken care of" to me.

Personally, I just don't think it should have been taken out completely.

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Weapon degradation is fine, I just wasn't a fan of the way it was handled. And it just felt tacked on in Fallout, especially after playing a lot of STALKER. We'll see what compromises/fixes the modding community comes up with, if any are needed.

But if I'm going to role-play this game, I want my weapons to lose effectiveness ever so slightly the more I use them.

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I think it'd be cool if there was an opposite effect on weapons. As you use them, they build up charges that can be released with blacksmithing hammers to cause a random enchantment for the weapon. Then you can level up that enchantment skill in order to get more preferable bonuses and stuff.

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That's awesome news.

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I like the idea that a weapon would become dull and just do less damage and you need to sharpen it back up to get it back to full strength.

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I didn't mind the old style of weps and armor degrading but not having them degrade seems like an advancement, so it's fine with me. As for having a encumbrance, I noticed someone mention it in a post on here, I like that part, makes it somewhat more tactical as to what you carry with you at all times, you lose that, then their's no point in having chest and stores sites in your house as you'd just carry everything with you all the time.

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That right there is an example of good streamlining. It was a stupid mechanic anyways It added tons of annoyance instead of the intended realism.

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It wouldn't have been so bad if the weapons didn't get damaged so much from using them. They could have been more creative and made the wear different depending on the enemy (ex: stone golem would wear the shit out of your weapons). But if I have to choose between the way they were handling weapon endurance and scrapping the system completely, then I'll definitely go without.

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I'm really glad I don't have to do it, but still hmm. 

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I always forgot about weapon and armour degradation, whenever I checked it my awesome glass armour and weapon set was completely wrecked. I appreciate this, seems like streamlining out some unnecessary features.

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Hardcore dave lol. Never seen that one before hahaha.

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I don't have any problem repairing my weapons if it's done right. "This game has too much dialogue" usually means it's BAD dialogue. "This _____ system is too complicated" usually means it's UNINTERESTING.

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Hardcore PC gamers will have it in the game if they want to, if you get what i'm saying.

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@Origina1Penguin: Swords shouldn't be doing anything to a stone golem in the first place. You should need to use a hammer or a pick.
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Great! I thought the whole weapon degradation thing was annoying and unnecessary.

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@gorkamorkaorka: The example was for giving a general idea and I never said sword. But you're right, it would be great if damage values were determined by taking into account the weapon being used against the type of creature.

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