Were the Skyrim PS3 issues ever patched?

#1 Posted by evanbower (1211 posts) -

Hey gang,

After months of travel and having no place of my own to live, it is time to catch up on some games I missed out on. First up is Skyrim. I'd prefer to play this on PS3 if I can, but I know that the game launched with some major issues with large save files eventually breaking your game. Has that all been fixed at this point? Thanks.

#2 Posted by c_rakestraw (853 posts) -

Pretty much, yeah. Frame rate drops are far more uncommon.

#3 Posted by Spoonman671 (4641 posts) -

Yeah, the PS3 version is now only as broken as the other versions.

#4 Posted by jasonefmonk (350 posts) -

There are at least two other threads in here that answer this exact question. After 1.5 the PS3 is on par with the 360 version of the game.

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