What class have you chosen and why?

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Edit: Oops, I meant races.
I usually go for the safest dullest race/class in RPGs - Human/citizen (or Nord) Warrior, but this time around I wanted to try something a little different.

Archery looked great in the footage I've seen, so I went with the Wood Elf. He can also sneak and lockpick well, so that's good. 
I hope I can upgrade my character to be powerful enough with swords and spell combat, while focusing on his specialties. 

Not sure if the "Command Animals" power will be useful enough for me to use it frequently.. Here's hoping I'll get into a lot of fights with bears nearby!

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I chose Nord because I'm swedish

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I'm pretty much playing as a warrior-style Nord. Though, it seems like your race doesn't really force you down any specific gameplay path. You could just as easily turn a Nord into a mage or rogue.

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Nord seemed safest.

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Ever since they released what they looked like I was impressed. So I went Orc.

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I'm a rogueish nord, and I'm a nord because I'm norwegian.

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Nord, because that's how we roll in the Shire.

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When I get it I'm being one of the elves, not sure which. I'm going stealth/archer, so it seems appropriate.

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I went with an Argonian. They've always been my favorite race in these games.

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I choose Redguard because it looks badass.

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Imperial, like usual. Mostly for the charm spell, but finding extra gold is a nice plus!

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I've always rolled Nord first, so I didn't see why not to this time. Two-handing weapons seems fun enough, but I'm already looking forward to archery or magic on other characters.

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I too chose Redguard for the built-in resistance to poison and yeah because he looked badass, lol.

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I shoot fire from my right hand and lightning from my left hand, I also summon fire demons that shoot more fire.

I am Imperial.

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I went Imperial because it seemed to be the most well-rounded and I'm not entirely sure how I want to play yet.

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Khajit so I can experience both racism and the joy of shooting dudes with arrows.

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Command animal is so useless since there's a dragon shout that will command multiple animals and is useable more than once a day.

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High Elf.  Because fireballs.

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i first chose redgaurd so that i could be Mr. T

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Nord, because HACK SLASH KILL.

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I chose to be a Khajilt. They seemed like a good option for a stealth character.

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Imperial, Jack of all trades I assume from the description.

Also Gold, lots of it.

And I could make him look like a badass nord anyways :P

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Anyone else choose Breton? I've been rolling around Skyrim with a Spell Knight (Destruction/Heavy Armour/One-Handed) I feel like a bad ass rolling around the land with a hood and full steel armour!

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Argonian, because I'm not a loser.

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I chose Imperial, because it's described as a kind of middle road "skilled in both combat and magicka" and because getting a little extra gold tends to help in most games.

Frankly, I was tempted to spend a large amount of time researching online what the most useful of the classes would be. The reptile that can breathe underwater and is resistant to poisons sounded useful, but I wasn't sure how useful so I chose a more reliable fighting character. I wasn't interested in being an archer/magic user first time through so High Elf and Wood elf were off the list. I also didn't want to focus on melee necessarily, so Orc wasn't an option. The others seem to be balances in between.

I chose the most middle of the road character I could for my first time through the game. Already I know I'll be making a High Elf second time through.

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Nord, because they are good with two-handed swords and the fear sounded useful (and it was against the first Frost Troll I encountered). Edit: I wanted to go Orc ever since I saw the first screenshot of one, but the fact that they are good with heavy armor made them a no-go for me. Sticking with light armor for sure, at least for this playthrough.

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Nord because my ancestors were nordic and every other race looks absolutely horrendous without exception.

Bethesda why the hell can't you hire some good designers? Your character models look ass and have always looked ass!

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Argonian of course.

Argonians are amazing and look badass.

Also, breathing under water is nice

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Dunmer. Always Dunmer.

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I'm Thor, bitches!

^My Nord's warcry

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Argonan, because Lizzard people are cool

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Argonian, because he can breathe underwater and he's a lizard man.

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Dark Elf, cause I think they have a good balance of magic and swords 'n shit.
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I played a Dark Elf in Morrowind, an Imperial in Oblivion... and so I play a Nord in Skyrim. Original, I know,

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Doesn't matter what I am, I'm still gonna have my character run around nekkid.

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Redgaurd, one handed and shield warrior.

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Wood Elf, just like oblivion a thief archer assassin pretty much.

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Argonian, because they look amazing and are different. Racist terms I've been called so far:


''little elf'' (huge wtf on that one)

foreigner in THAT tone

It's nothing close to Morrowind yet, where I played as redguard and was called outlander about 500000000 time over the course of my massive 300 hour playthrough. But it is hilarious when people just straight up call you lizard.

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Wanted a Kahjit for the nightvision, but they just look too weird. So I went with a bearded and very human-like Wood Elf with some scary facepaint.

Sneak attacks with bows are amazing and have allowed me to kill some rather difficult mobs (shoot, run away and hide, rinse and repeat) - my only problem is that dungeons take forever to crawl through.

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Dark Elf, because I never ever play thieves in RPGs and wanted to try out the playstyle. I must say there' nothing more satisfying than criting your enemy for x6 damage while sneaking from behind.

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Argonian, because lizard-people are like people, just lizard-y.

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I wanted to roll a Khajiit but i figured that they would be too weird for them to be a dragonborn, so i went with a Nord instead. i want to use my bow a lot more as want to be stealthy, but rolling around with dual maces is too good to pass right now, also, crouching along all the way to Riften from Whiterun is a bitch, but im levelling like a boss that way so it pays off in the end i guess.

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Breton because I wanted to make a magical character, and didn't wanna be some sissy elf.

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I went with Breton because of their bonuses to magic skills and their power! I think for my next playthrough I'll do something completely different.

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Breton mage. First time playing either that race or that skill-focus in an Elder Scrolls game.

And I'm loving it so far.

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In all the past games I played a Dark Elf. Ended up choosing the Argonian this time around. So far it seems the race stuff is relatively inconsequential, which is nice in a way.

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Breton battle mage right now, but we'll see if I decide to change things up

The flexibility in this game is pretty awesome.

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I went with breton because they seemed to be the snobbiest race

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