What gear are you using?

#1 Posted by 0blivion_ (5 posts) -

I've got

Nightingale Armor (Chest, Gloves and Boots)

Spellbreaker (Shield)

Nightingale Sword

Dawn Breaker Sword

Nightingale Bow

Blade of Woe (Dagger)

#2 Posted by benspyda (2108 posts) -

Enchanted Dragon scale armor that increases one handed and bow damage

Two enchanted Daedric Swords

A Deadric Bow

#3 Posted by JoeyRavn (5109 posts) -

With my rogue:

  • Armor: Legendary Dark Brotherhood set (can't beat %20 more bow damage and x2 melee sneak attack damage!)
  • Right hand: Legendary Valdr's Lucky Dagger
  • Left hand: Legendary Daedric Dagger with Paralysis enchantment
  • Bow: Legendary Daedric bow with 10 pts Fire Damage enchantmente (I'm working my way up the Enchantment tree to get something better...)
  • Pendant: Enchanted 20% more bow damage
  • Ring: Enchanted 20% more bow damage
#4 Posted by InternetCrab (1581 posts) -

Armor: Dragonplate Armor, Dragonplate Gauntlets, Dwarven Boots of Frost Suppresion, No helmet (mostly because my char looks retarded in a helmet) I also roll some nightingale armor sometimes.

Weapon: Daedric War Axe of Restoration, with chain lightning on the other hand <3

#5 Edited by PenguinDust (12730 posts) -

Right now, I'm experimenting with some cloth since I'm doing some stuff up at the mage college (I'm level 25). I have some Elven armor I've enchanted with magic regen that I carry around, too but my Enchanting skill is still too low to replicate the same bonus numbers that the pre-made mage robes offer. Then there is the problem of knowing what enemies fill what types of soul gems. I hate when a common soul winds up in a grand soul gem.

@InternetCrab said:

...No helmet (mostly because my char looks retarded in a helmet)

Are you playing on the PC, because there is a "no helmet" mod that hides nearly all helmets from view excluding hoods and circlets. "No Helmet Mod" on the SkyrimNexus. There is a new one called "Invisble Helmets - Hide your Helmet", but I haven't tried it out yet. Of course, since the Creation Kit has yet to arrive, it does this for all characters in the game. I don't mind it at all, but everyone has their own tastes. Once the CK is available for modders, we'll probably get more versatility.

#6 Edited by believer258 (12596 posts) -

Leather armor and some sword.

Actually, I used to have a pretty decked-out character. Then, as I was trying to delete old saves and make a new character, a lawful evil rogue-ish female, I accidentally deleted him. Cue cluster f-bomb.

#7 Posted by optimusprime223 (460 posts) -

epic wolf armour, eleven boots enchanted with fortify carry weight, dwarfen gauntlets. Enchanted epic level elven sword that does fire damage, elven bow that does fire damage and War axe that contains soul trap.... I think I might get some shit for this loadout...

#8 Posted by Z3RO180 (272 posts) -

@JoeyRavn: would you be able to help me with a problem i am haveing with a pc game??

#9 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Legendary Daedric set with some carry weight, and 2 handed weapon damage enchantments and all three 2 handed Daedric weapons, each with Fiery Soul enchantment and each improved to Legendary.

#10 Edited by FTomato (245 posts) -

Not next to my game right now, so this is from memory, but:

  • Head: +50 magicka, -25% destruction cost dragon priest mask
  • Body: Archmage's Robes
  • Amulet: Savos Aren's Amulet
  • Hands: Thieves Guild Gauntlets (+2X% lockpicking? the one you get for finishing the questline)
  • Feet: IIRC, Nightingale Boots (Muffle)
  • Ring: -X% destruction cost

I usually roll with a Flame Atronarch and dual Firebolts, haven't really needed to swap to Incinerate very frequently. I switch to the same set of spells for Ice and Lightning when there's a difficult group of melee or mages.

I've been working on leveling up smithing and enchanting lately...

#11 Posted by ExplodeMode (851 posts) -

A robe, a hood, scaled bracers, scaled boots that I've had since like level 10.  I just wear what I think looks cool.  Games not that hard or the gear doesn't seem to make a huge difference to the way I play.

#12 Posted by innacces14 (739 posts) -

Here's the stuff I carry for my level 51 Rogue. Everything smithed to legendary.

Chest/Boots: Nightingale Armor

Hands/Head: Ancient Shrouded Armor

Total Armor Rating: ~550

Dual weild with Ebony and Daedric Daggers ~201 damage

Daedric bow with my 12 Daedric Arrows ~250 damage

Overall incumberence 32/400

#13 Posted by phish09 (1112 posts) -

Basically full Dragon Armour enchanted with health and stamina boosts. Glass bow enchanted with soul trap.

#14 Posted by GS_Dan (1430 posts) -

Legendary light Dragon armour, Volsung mask, Nightingale bow (about to upgrade). Working on getting the double enchantment perk, going to be pretty swish.

#15 Posted by JoeyRavn (5109 posts) -

@Z3RO180 said:

@JoeyRavn: would you be able to help me with a problem i am haveing with a pc game??

If I can, sure. Send me a PM with the details.

#16 Posted by Sjosz (489 posts) -

Full set of Legendary Dragon Scale armor with enchantments that increase my one-handed damage by 180%, improves my light armor skill by 112 points, and improves magicka and stamina regen by 62% and 40% respectively. Oh and also makes Destruction magic 28% cheaper. Got an armor rating of over 1200.

Legendary glass sword with a base damage of 230 with 64 frost damage and 24 shock damage enchantments.

#17 Posted by mikey87144 (1978 posts) -

Legendary Heavy Dragon Plate Helmet: Fortify Destruction, Magicka Regeneration

Legendary Daedric Armor: Fortify Destruction, Magicka Regeneration

Legendary Dragon Plate Gauntlets: Fortify One-Handed, Fortify Magicka

Legendary Dragon Plate Boots: Resist Fire, Resist Frost

Gold Ruby Amulet: Fortify Magicka, Fortify Destruction

Gold Diamond Ring: Magicka Regeneration, Fortify Magicka

My character also has Dawnbreaker, a paralysis staff, and mehunes razor on him but I prefer to use magic and bound sword as a primary means of attack.

My character is a level 57 Tank Battlemage essentially. Most physical attacks cause little damage, (can take three blows from a Giants club), and I have little defense against magic users.

#18 Posted by Storms (364 posts) -
@believer258: Skyrim really needed to have save profiles for every new character. If it's not there in VI, I will raise hell. I excuse it this time because Dragon Age came out in the middle of development and it may have been to late to go back and change it in response.
#19 Edited by INV2 (321 posts) -

My cat is a straight killer! Definitely could have more powerful gear, but I'm more interested in role playing and establishing an aesthetic. At this point, the gear I can make are far better than anything in the game. But, form and function meet as my ghostly blade plunges through unsuspecting victims!

Boethiah's Ebony Mail (Legendary) - (muffle 100%)

Falmer Helmet (Legendary) - Fortify Archery, Fortify Lockpicking

Gold and Emerald Circlet - Fortify Archery, Fortify Lockpicking

Daedric Gauntlets (Legendary) - Fortify One-handed, Fortify Sneak

Daedric Boots (Legendary) - Fortify One-handed, Fortify Sneak

Gold Diamond Necklace - Fortify Barter, Magic Resistance

Gold Diamond Ring - Fire Resistance, Frost Resistance

Ghostblade (Legendary)

Daedric Bow (Legendary) - Paralyze, Soul Trap

#20 Posted by drag (1212 posts) -

dragon scale armour ... free destruction and conjuration magic

#21 Posted by ginja_ninja (27 posts) -

Legendary Elven Gilded Armor: Fortify Restoration, Fortify Magicka Regen

Legendary Glass Gauntlets: Fortify Pickpocket, Forify One-Handed

Legendary Glass Boots: Fortify Sneaking, Fortify Shock Resistance

Legendary Krosis

Legendary Dragonbane

#22 Posted by JJOR64 (19512 posts) -

All Daedric Heavy Armor and a Daedric Battleaxe.

#23 Posted by spazmaster666 (2059 posts) -

All the gear I'm using is custom/modded gear so it probably won't mean anything to anyone who hasn't installed the mods (i.e. Daedric Nodachi, Magicka Sabers, etc). I kinda got bored by the vanilla gear pretty quickly.

#24 Posted by heavyplay (316 posts) -

All Daedric armour enchanted for magic resist and zero cost destruction spells.

#25 Posted by matt_wickstrom (167 posts) -

I roll with the Dark Brotherhood armor. My weapons of choice are the Ebony bow, dagger, and sword, all of which I've smith up to a Legendary condition.

#26 Posted by cky4890 (146 posts) -

@0blivion_: Orcish armor

mace of molag been using it for the past 20 or so hours havent found a better one

Glass bow of fire enchantment

#27 Posted by 0blivion_ (5 posts) -

@cky4890 said:

@0blivion_: mace of molag been using it for the past 20 or so hours havent found a better one

I don't think there is a better one, I had that Mace and it kicked ass. I went back to using a swords and found the Chillrend (I think it's called) does frost damage and has a chance to freeze my opponent.

#28 Posted by Bam_D_Leprechaun (820 posts) -

Legendary Nightengale armor, Legendary Daedric Bow and sword on my Kaijit archer

working on mage stuff for my pure caster Brenton

#29 Posted by natetodamax (19415 posts) -

Nightingale Armor (Chest, Gloves)

Ancient Shrouded Cowl

Ancient Shrouded Boots

Ebony Bow (frost damage enchantment)

Arrows (every kind)

#30 Posted by c_rakestraw (921 posts) -

Dragonscale Armor (chest, gauntlets, and boots; all at legendary status), and a Skyforge Steal sword (again, legendary). Also have a Glass Bow (also at legendary) along with some Ebony arrows for stealth purposes. No enchantments because I didn't pour any points into that skill.

#31 Posted by Rizzest (7 posts) -

I am roleplaying an Orc so the list follows my RP terms.

Armor & Accesories:Full Orcish (No enchantments),Waterbreathing Amulet (Can not remember the name).

Weapon:Volendrung (Naturally enchanted).

#32 Posted by B0nd07 (1743 posts) -

Currently (I've got three characters, so this may be a bit long):

Nord Warrior (level 38)

Blades armor set (all exquisite)

Ebony Battleaxe (superior)

Ebony Bow (superior)

Gaulder Amulet (+30 magicka, health, and stamina)

Amulet of Talos (sometimes; 20% faster shout recharge)

Wood Elf Thief (28)

Ancient Shrouded armor set (+100% poison resistance, muffled, +35% bow damage, 2x one-handed sneak attack damage)

Ebony Bow (superior)

Ebony Sword (superior) and Steel Dagger (superior) - primary melee weapons

Nightingale Blade (absorb 25 health and stamina) and Blade of Woe (absorb 10 health)

Steel Dagger of Binding (absorb soul)

Amulet of Talos

Ring of Wielding (+20% one-handed damage)

Khajiit Mage (early 20s) from memory

Apprentice Hood and Robes (+40 magicka and 75% faster magicka regen)

Leather Bracers (fine)

Scaled Boot of Hauling (improved carry weight)

And some kind of necklace related to magicka; can't remember if it was recharge or pool increase.

#33 Posted by Emperor_Jimmu (263 posts) -

I use robes, Ebony Flesh and Dragon Flesh. I'm working my way towards level 100 enchanting for the free destruction, but in the meantime I use 40% shock resistant boots, 17% destruction ring, magica regen gloves, a destruction circlet and that sexy necklace you get from killing the ancient nord kings.

#34 Posted by Neurotic (635 posts) -

Ebony Mail - For the extra sneak, poison AND Heavy Armour

Shrouded Gloves - Double Backstab damage (30x damage dagger backstabs + Mehrune's Razor = awesome)

Nightingale Boots - For the Muffle

That amulet you get for becoming Thieves' Guild Master - Extra speech

I have some ring which increases health regen by 30% too

Weapons vary between Dawnbreaker + Mace of Molag Bal when I really want to bring pain, sometimes swap the mace for the Nightingale Blade when it runs out of charge, Mehrune's Razor for stealth kills and Nightingale Bow for ranged stealth kills.

I don't do Smithing right now but I'm gonna get into it and I've started dabbling with enchantment. I want to pimp out some Daedric Armour at some point.

#35 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

Dwarven Armour

Fine Steel Cuffed Boots and Nordic Gauntlets

Necklace of Minor Health

Nahkrin Mask

Fine Elven Warhammer

Nightingale Bow

Ebony Arrows

Not the strongest but it's been working fine for me so far.

#36 Posted by Stepside (557 posts) -

Level 42 Breton

Dragonscale Light Armor (Legendary) -> Enchantments for Stamina, Magic D, Physical Light Armor D

Galdur Amulet

Ring of Namira

Dragon Shield

Weapons - Mace of Molag Bol (Legendary)

I can take out a Giant in about 3-4 heavy hits.

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