What's your Skyrim character's name and race?

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#1 Posted by killr0y (131 posts) -

I'm a Kajhiit named Blinx

#2 Posted by ssj4raditz (1156 posts) -

I've made three characters:

1) Nord named Jarl (I didn't realize that "jarl" was also a title in the game, but whatever)

2) Kahjiit named Nik'oro

3) Wood Elf named Dem

#3 Posted by I_smell (4213 posts) -

Dark elf named Commander Shepard.

#4 Posted by JusticeJanitor (391 posts) -

Imperial named Jaime Lannister.

#5 Posted by Tomkang (276 posts) -

Orc - Mogul Khan

#6 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

Nord - Jarovid (God of War)

#7 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -

Dunmer named Funmer.

#8 Posted by Joker369 (935 posts) -

Wood Elf named Garshasp

#9 Posted by Nottle (1933 posts) -

An Orc named named Gannondalf.

I'll make a Kajit named Lynx Sweiyk'Neeng

#10 Posted by PenguinDust (12877 posts) -

Imperial named Natsumi

#11 Posted by RageExpressive (57 posts) -

Yoric the Nord.

#12 Posted by pyromagnestir (4396 posts) -

I have a Redguard named Piet, and Nord named Klaas, and an elf named Jokul Frosti

#13 Posted by spazmaster666 (2083 posts) -

My main character is a female Imperial named "Serenity": 

#14 Posted by D0tti (803 posts) -

Redguard named Erol.

#15 Edited by jkuc316 (1002 posts) -

Khajiit named Kajdt

#16 Posted by Deadmanforking (586 posts) -
  1. Simca - Redgaurd
  2. Steve - Nord
  3. Aoki - High Elf
#17 Posted by Saethir (357 posts) -

An Argonian named Verikax and an old racist orc with a giant beard called Old Smokey.

#18 Posted by theguy (816 posts) -

Kajjit - 'Thuor Because you need an apostrophe in there.

#19 Posted by RuneseekerMireille (332 posts) -

Dark Elf Sorceress: Mireille Runellia
Dark Elf Spellsword: Arycelle Runellia (They're twins.)
Dark Elf Warrior: Jace Loxaerion (Rival warrior from another house)
Sets-Fists-Aflame: Argonian master monk. Surpisingly smart despite his brawn.

I have others, but these are the ones I like to think are in the same universe.

#20 Edited by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Nord, Bawlz the Red
@ssj4raditz said:

I've made three characters:

1) Nord named Jarl (I didn't realize that "jarl" was also a title in the game, but whatever)

That reminds me of this dude who named his Dark Elf in Morrowind, Sareth.
#21 Posted by leebmx (2342 posts) -

A Breton called Lyra Loganberry

#22 Posted by Suedehead (125 posts) -

Redguard named Prisoner because I accidentally pushed the B button on the naming screen.

#23 Posted by beckley205 (341 posts) -

Lurz the Orc

Putang the High Elf

Briton the Breton

#24 Posted by gbpackers94 (124 posts) -

Imperial and I used my own name.

#25 Posted by Xolare (1318 posts) -

@gbpackers94 said:

Imperial and I used my own name.

gbpackers94 seems like a shitty Imperial name.

#26 Posted by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

Vegsen - Bad-ass magic-casting High Elf.

#27 Posted by NegativeCero (3112 posts) -

Aeolir the Dark Elf.

#28 Posted by Owlhead (161 posts) -

Argonian Mage/Theif named Gonian

Nord Warrior named Max F**koff

#29 Posted by EightBitShik (1468 posts) -
@killr0y I see what you did. I am the same race but Shik. I totally just got super happy when I just found out I could put my books and weapons ob shelves and racks
#30 Posted by WilloughbyJackson (38 posts) -

Argonian: Frizzeli, the sneaky lizard wizard...(My daughter named her and help create her...)

#31 Posted by J0PALACE0K (79 posts) -

James the Dark Elf.

Yep, fear my creativity!

#32 Edited by GunnBjorn (2905 posts) -

Race: Nord.

Gender: Female.

Name: Na'Qia Zaruta.

#33 Posted by sopranosfan (1965 posts) -

A Nord named Meow. I love Super Troopers.

#34 Posted by Droop (1925 posts) -

Bjalfi the nord and Dealaf the high elf.

#35 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5777 posts) -

Race- Dumner

Name- Drake Bourne

#36 Posted by AlecOfTheWest (293 posts) -

Race - Imperial

Name - Carius Inculta (Carius seemed like a fairly standard Imperial name, and Inculta after my favorite NPC from FNV).

#37 Posted by DoctorSage (184 posts) -

My new thing is I name my RPG characters after Deadly Premonition characters, so a High Elf named York.

#38 Posted by triviaman09 (816 posts) -

Imperial named Jesus

#39 Posted by Thoseposers (860 posts) -

woodelf named Kristen and an orc to mess around with called orc penis-face :P

#40 Posted by EchoEcho (850 posts) -

I'm playing a Dunmer spellsword named Soreyn (also the name of my Shadar-kai Warlock in D&D, because I was apparently feeling especially uncreative.)

Don't have any others yet, but if I end up remaking the characters I used in Oblivion, then I'll also have: an Imperial pure mage named Mackenzie; a disfigured orc named Monk gro-Keybutt who punches things he doesn't like (which is everything); and another Dunmer named Kalor, who was also a one-handed sword + magic user, so I'd likely turn him into my Bosmer bow-wielding thiefy/assassin type, one of which I had in Oblivion but have since forgotten the name of.

#41 Posted by selbie (2183 posts) -

@spazmaster666 said:

My main character is a female Imperial named "Serenity":

That argonian's face says it all :P

#42 Posted by Soapy86 (2687 posts) -



#43 Posted by DocOc (27 posts) -

doctor is my name; imperial is my game.

She's hella sexy, and is best in archery.

#44 Posted by natetodamax (19427 posts) -

I have a Redguard named Niccolo and an Imperial named Alexis

#45 Posted by Poppduder (481 posts) -

Dark elf named Elan Pentax, nord named Thornir. not sure what the last one means but it sounded like a good name.

#46 Posted by BlackMantis (22 posts) -

Female Imperial named Lyanna.

#47 Posted by Superkenon (1583 posts) -

A Redguard cleric by the name of Felps.

#48 Posted by MaxxS (208 posts) -

I'm a Nord named Prisoner because I accidentally hit B while naming my guy but didn't realise it until like three hours in.

#49 Posted by Gabriel (4132 posts) -

Nord, Wulfharth

#50 Posted by oddduck (13 posts) -

An Orc named Oogbarf.

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