Whee, another Skyrim bug

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PC version. So I'm moving really slowly. Not over-encumbered slowly: I'm a hundred pounds under my limit. And I can sprint, but that is also really slow. I tried reloading the game, fast traveling, sneaking and unsneaking, turning into a vampire lord, and having the vampire lady hit me with ice spells. Nothing has changed it. Setting my run speed in the console does not change it. I have just enough major mods installed that uninstalling them all would probably render the game unplayable. Loading an earlier save fixes this issue. I would rather not have to continue from an earlier save. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?

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Toggle Caps Lock?

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Yeah I think you might have shut off auto-run.

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I haven't played Skyrim in a while, but I started with Fallout...again, and had the same problem in Fallout 3. Quitting and resuming generally fixes the problem for me. Gamebryo Creation Engine man, it's some wacky shit.

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Check if you have a disease or something.

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Something similar happened to me where it seems like the game occasionally gets confused about whether you're standing or crouching. Cycling through crouching/standing a few times generally got me out of that state.

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I should have clarified: hitting auto-run(caps lock) brings me from a walk to a very slow crawl. About as fast as when walking in sneak mode. Also not in sneak mode. And I did try cycling, but doing it a couple more times couldn't hurt.

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If you have a bunch of 'major' mods installed, you should list them.

That's some Elder Scrolls help desk 101 right there.

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Can you jump or swim? Maybe the playermodel is stuck in the world somehow.

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It could be a lot of issues to be honest that's causing your particular issue, so more descriptions would be helpful, but for an effective troubleshooting you want to reinstall the game and uninstall all mods, keep backup of your save files and then load up your save file with the problem without any mods installed. If the problem is still there then here are something you may want to take a look at:

  • Is your caps-lock button ON when you start the game? Try toggling it OFF when starting the game and then turn it ON when playing vice versa.
  • In your 'Acitve Effects' section, have you contracted any issues with permanent ice spells? Or other sideffects? (Shows: RED)
  • Have you tried to drink a 'cure disease potion' or 'cure poison potion'?
  • Do enemies move slowly too? If so it could be an issue with any slow movement perk, exempli gratia block bashing perk or slow time shout.
  • Is your character stuck in the geometri? Does the issue persist if you toggle no collision (TCL) in the console?
  • Does the issue persist if you select a bench/stool to sit on, start swiming, jumping or falling?
  • Does your horse - if you have one - move slowly aswell?

If nothing in this thread helped you and you want solutions fast then I highly suggest you take a look at the official Bethesda forums for help, you might aswell sign up there and ask too.

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@Xolare said:

Check if you have a disease or something.

Yeah, if an earlier save doesn't have the issue then this may have something to do with it.

Otherwise you can just play the game Morrowind style - at a crawl.

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@Paul_Is_Drunk said:

If you have a bunch of 'major' mods installed, you should list them.

That's some Elder Scrolls help desk 101 right there.

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