Who did you kill and regretted it or refused to kill? (Spoilers!)

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You've been warned.

So was there any NPC that you regretted killing or just flat out refused to kill? Mainly for me, I mean Paarthurnax. I didn't do it. I actually got angry when Delphine and Esbern asked me to do it, and just walked out. I'd sooner kill them if I had the option.

So what about you guys?

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Yes, I got angry that I was being asked to kill the leader of the only group in the whole fucking game that helped me without trickery, unnecessary deceit, or bickering over stupid shit.

Seriously, if the the Empire and Douchebag Stormcloak could just shutup and fight together, maybe they could overthrow the Thalmor at some point. Especially if they got Paarthurnax and the dragons, as well as the godlike player character, on their side to help. Really, guys. Is that so difficult?

And Alduin the World Eater? Psh, he was a pushover.

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I regret killing the leader of the Imperial Legion, I'd rather kill Ulfric.

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@WindFall259: Agreed it was total BS. I really wish they had not put that into the game or at least put a way to convince them that it was a bad idea. It just made me HATE them. And I had kinda started growing on them over all the shit that they had dealt with, with the Thalmor.

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Yeah . . . I killed a few decent people to empower by Ebony Blade...

and I'll have you know that it doesn't make me a bad person!

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the dog in a Deadra's best friend...

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I killed Lydia and Meeko.

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I didn't kill Paarthurnax, the Blades can go fuck themselves.

Other than that, I was in desperate need for a wood elf's blood for Hermaes Mora's quest so I killed the guy who runs the meat stand in Whiterun. I've regretted it since.

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When it came time for the Dark Brotherhood entry quest, and

The leader of the Dark Brotherhood is all like "'sup, kill one of these fools." I refused. Instead I sneak attacked her and took her gloves. I kill people, but I ain't no damn murderer.

Also, I never killed any giants. In a world full of big ol' jerks, the giants were inoffensive. They clearly marked their territory, they'd warn you off if you got too close, and aside from a rogue here and there, they just wanted to be left alone. Got to the point where if I needed to steal something from them for a quest, I'd leave a few diamonds or wheels of cheese in the chest as payment for whatever I took.

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@ShadowConqueror said:

I didn't kill Paarthurnax, the Blades can go fuck themselves.

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Those Blade guys were retarded. At the stormcloak/imperial meeting at High Hrothgar they were bitching everyone out for not joining forces or at least putting the war on hold because we were dealing with some serious shit here and needed all the help we could get. Of couse a few seconds later they act like a bunch of entitled assholes when they ask you to kill good ol' Paarthurnax, dispite him being the one guy who made it possible to get to Anduin. I mean what the fuck.

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Had to harvest elf blood to get the Oghma Infinium.

I had a report with the owner of The Drunken Huntsman. A fellow Bosmer. We chatted whenever I came in. I bought all my arrows from him, and gave him a few extra furs for free whenever I'd return home.

But my lust for power got the best of me, and I murdered him in cold blood. And for what? Knowledge?

Oh Elindir, I'm sorry, you were nothing but kind, and a friendly face in a harsh world.

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I killed one of my housecarl since i was mad since i decorated my room for about an arrow with pots and stuff but when i went back into the house all my stuff was tossed randomly.

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@Matfei90: You couldn't just.. load an older save?

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@ShadowConqueror said:

Other than that, I was in desperate need for a wood elf's blood for Hermaes Mora's quest so I killed the guy who runs the meat stand in Whiterun. I've regretted it since.


Way to save yourself some time with the DB contracts.

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I killed everyone... Except the children. Fucking Bethesda. Bunch of racist pricks is what they are!

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Mercer Frey.. It could of been me and him, and her, and the skeleton key

And by her I mean Nocturnal

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@Adus said:

@Matfei90: You couldn't just.. load an older save?

Not at that point, no. I have a habit of running 2 or 3 saves at a time, then after a string of quests/dungeons I take it back down to 1, largely due to tidiness - I wish the game would sort your seperate characters into different folders (hopefully a mod out soon for that) so I wouldn't have to be extra careful about overwriting something in a muddle of saves.
I initially thought of it soon after killing him, but decided to 'just live with it' and continued playing for a couple of hours. Saves gone.
That said, I don't regret restarting. Changed my race and I've allocated my stats/perks in a better arrangement now that I'm familiar with how I want to play.
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Refused to kill the Dragon for the myopic Blades, and refused to bring a follower to Bothia, despite the cool weapon I imagine I'd have gotten. Kinda felt bad about all the giant murdering...little bit.

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at first, i regretted killing certain npc's. as the game went on, i realized how trivial everything is, and that whatever i did had zero effect on the game's storyline, or how the world's npc's would react to me. so, after a while, i no longer felt bad for anything i did. i knew it didn't matter.

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Yo guys Alduin is Akatosh. Did I just blow your mind? It be true.

And I killed everyone with a stealthy badass and kill-everyone PC mods. I regretted it only after a dozen or so hours because its coolness was hampered by the stupid scaling enemies and the wonky as hell stealth mechanics. It was pretty cool while it lasted, though. Every town I came across, I slaughtered everyone in it, and everyone was after me. I had to use bandit hideouts for enchanting and alchemy. Sneak-attacking my way through forts and hideouts and across the plains was pretty sick, too.

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Kind of don't regret killing anyone because the game still seems to think lots of people (like Ulfric) are still alive.

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I killed Astrid with my new character. Just killed her in the abandoned shack and got the quest to destroy the Dark Brotherhood. No regrets really.

I kinda hate Mehrunes Dagon, so I turned on him and didn´t get the Razor.. I kinda regret that a little.

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I regret killing the emperor.

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@pweidman said:

Refused to kill the Dragon for the myopic Blades, and refused to bring a follower to Bothia, despite the cool weapon I imagine I'd have gotten. Kinda felt bad about all the giant murdering...little bit.

You just get a shitty piece of enchanted Ebony armor for that Boethia quest. It does constant poison damage to anyone in your vicinity, but you can't disenchant the armor for the enchantment.

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I killed a mage for one of the daedric artifacts and completely regretted it because he didn't even fight back, he just stood there saying "I don't want to die"

I felt like an awful human being. (or Dark Elf, whichever)

also, this:

@ShadowConqueror said:

I didn't kill Paarthurnax, the Blades can go fuck themselves.

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@rawrsair: I killed Lydia for a daedric mission (might of been the same one), I didn't even like what I got at the end and now every time I go home to Whiterun I always expect to see her there but she never is..

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@Swoxx said:

I regret killing the emperor.

This, and only this. I didn't kill the dragon, because fuck the Blades, and I am aiming for Ulfric's head very shortly. The only other character I kinda regret, but not really, is that priest of Arkay for Namira's quest.
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Killing people in the Daedra Quests, "Kill this monk of Boethiah, why? Because I said so!" "Kill this kind old, kinda cooky researcher, actually never mind, I'll take care of him for you!" "Kill this dungeon full of sick people!" "Kill this crazed Museum curator!"

I know the Daedra are powerful but just let me try and turn against them to finish the quest. By the time I got to most of those quests I was godlike. But instead in order to finish the task and clear out your journal you need to do what you're told.

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I wish you could have the option to fight all of the Daedra gods.... 

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In a certain daedric quest you are suppose to lure this priest to a house, and then are asked to kill him. I just walked out of the house. Technically the quest is still active, and technically this priest has been trapped in a daedric house in a cage for most of my time in the game world. So idk what's worse. Dying a few times and having your soul taken by a daedra, or being alive in his house for weeks.

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There was a sidequest where to advance the story someone's wife died. It was story linked so it still happened even when I instantly killed the two other people who attack her. I was reallly bothered by an "innocent" dying and reloaded. Never got to see the end of that quest.

Then again, 50 hours later I'm killing innocent people for no good reason thanks to Dark Brotherhood and Daedric quests. My character went from neutral thief to STRAIGHT ADULTERATED EVIL in the last third of my game. Beware the allure of S-ranking games.

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@mikey87144 said:

the dog in a Deadra's best friend...

you are a terrible person

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@FunExplosions said:

Yo guys Alduin is Akatosh. Did I just blow your mind? It be true.

Alduin is Real, And He Ent Akatosh! 
As my da used to say - Imperials are idiutts!
That is why I am riting this book. I ent never rote a book before, and I do not reckon to rite one agenn, but sometimes a man must do what a man must do. And what I must do is set the recerd strate about the god called Akatosh and the dragon called Alduin. They ent the same thing, no matter what them Imperials mite say, or how thay mite wish it to be so.
My da was never one for the gods, but my ma was. She wershipped all the Divines, and tot me lots of things. So I noe a thing or two about Akatosh. Just as much as any Imperial. I noe he was the first of all the gods to take shape in the Beginning Place. And I noe he has the shape of a dragon.
My da even told me the story of Martyn Septim, and the things what happened when the gates to Oblivion opened. Septim turned into the spirit of Akatosh and killed Mehrunes Dagon. Now I dont noe about you, but any dragon that fites the Prince of Destruction is okay by me.
Now I hope you understand the problim. Akatosh is good. Everyone, from Nord to Imperial, noes that. But Alduin? He ent good! He's the oposit of good! That Alduin is evil thrue and thrue. So you see, Akatosh and Alduin cant be one and the same.
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@Storms: Is that an actual book found in the game? Sounds like something that'd be in there. Anyways, I heard a lot of the lore and books actually match things up quite well for it to be true. As far as one being good and one being bad, that could just be as simple as different people writing the main story quest than the people writing the books - which, by the way, were mostly all written for previous Elder Scrolls games.

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i diddent kill anyone. well there was this quest where i got thrown in to prison and the only way to get out was killing a dude and then after getting out killing a bunch of guards so we could take over the town. after trying for a long time to complete the quest without having to kill anyone i finaly just ended up doing it. resulted in about 30-40 + guards killed. but i will say that it was self-defense. i thing i really wanted the game to understand i only killed all those people cuz they attacked and tried to kill me. and im the bad guy here REALLY???

edit: oh yeah there was allso was 2 other dudes one who was possessed again self-defense and then that guy who i had to kill to get that one handed mace that brad uses in the QL, part of the same quest. i kinda regretted him since the weapon was not that good and i never used it again. i coped by chanting to myself that he was evil he was evil while cutting myself just alittle

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@Swoxx said:

I regret killing the emperor.

Yeah, me too. But I killed Motierre too so I honoured his request. I'm gonna take the Imperial's side in the war too just to really confuse my allegiances.

I felt bad about killing that dude to get the Mace of Molag Bal but it's a kick-ass mace so I'm over that. I also hired a mercenary to sacrifice him so I could do Boethiah's quest but again, Ebony Mail is awesome so that stopped bothering me a while back too.

I refuse to kill Paarthunax. Screw Delphine and Esbern, pretty much as soon as I found Alduin's Wall, I never talked to them again.

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@Neurotic said:

@Swoxx said:

I regret killing the emperor.

Yeah, me too. But I killed Motierre too so I honoured his request. I'm gonna take the Imperial's side in the war too just to really confuse my allegiances.

I did that too. I also joined the Imperials to try and make up for my mistake, I left my brotherhood days behind me after that faithful day aboard that ship.

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Dark Brotherhood Spoiler incoming....

And I too wish the option was there to kill the blades after demanding that I kill my friend.

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@FunExplosions: Yep, that's from an in-game book. I even made a Nord character based on it. 
One of the things I love about the lore and writing of the Elder Scrolls series is the use of the "unreliable narrator" device. It makes things harder for me, and I like that in a game. Two sides to everything, from the civil war to the "rightness" of the end of the world.
However, it's almost impossible for Alduin to be Akatosh. For one, the dragons in Skyrim refer to Alduin merely as "the firstborn of Akatosh"... Alduin is their leader, so one assumes they would know if he was really Akatosh and not just the oldest of Dragonkind. For another, Akatosh is known to have created the Dragonborn -- that would be a pretty dumb thing for Alduin to do, considering that he was all about dominating mankind. Still, Alduin could merely be the schizophrenic dark side of Akatosh and all the dragons could be wrong, right? But then there's the marked power difference between the two -- Alduin isn't merely the flip-side of Akatosh, he's much weaker. Akatosh is the Aedric god of Time, Alduin is just a really strong dragon with an appetite.  
It's exactly as the game said; Akatosh created time and made Alduin and the other dragons to someday end it so a new world could begin. He then saw things had gone awry for man and mer, so he created the Dragonborn line to keep forces like his dragons and Daedric Princes (close shut the jaws of Oblivion) at bay until time was ready to end.

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