Who gave you your final achievement/trophy? (Spoilers)

#1 Posted by Lustreplush (102 posts) -

I just finished the Thieves' Guild line last night to get the last trophy I was missing, and was kind of disappointed that it wasn't Brynjolf who activated the last bit that unlocked it. Instead, I had to trudge over to Tonilia (sitting alone in the dark as always) to get handed some weak armor and a couple dismissive lines of dialogue. The PS3 pinged for the trophy "One with the Shadows" and again for "Platinum Trophy," and I was left staring at Tonilia (a character I'd never really liked). For all the work I'd put into the game to this point (just shy of 200 hours), it all felt a bit anticlimactic.

Where were you when you got your final achievement/trophy? Who was the person "awarding" it to you?

#2 Posted by Beforet (2991 posts) -

The collected Skyrim governments. I doubt anyone got Master Criminal naturally.

#3 Posted by Talis12 (522 posts) -

i got 2 achievements to go, earn 100,000 and collect 15 daedric artifacts.. i failed 1 daedric quest where i pressed a button when i didnt want to and it choose an answer for me so i never got my reward and i never really cared for the cash in the beginning.. i am now doing these last two with my second character

#4 Posted by j3ffro919 (260 posts) -

Last night I did the entirety of the Civil War, then started murdering folks until I had 1000 in each hold, and my final achievement was from escaping from Solitude jail. So I guess you could say the person that gave me my last Skyrim achievement was the land itself, I zoned in and it dinged for me. Appropriate when I think about it.

There's still a solid dozen or so quests in my log, and probably 30+ in my misc, but I'm done for a little while.

#5 Posted by Storms (364 posts) -

500 hours in and I don't have all the trophies. I doubt I ever will get all the trophies, since I don't actively seek things like that. I know for some people, it extends the game. For me, it's too far out of the roleplaying aspect and it's like a chore that I've been assigned to. If I got them all on accident, I'd be fine with that. But they are utterly meaningless.

#6 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

When the 1.4 patch for PS3 is released here, I will finally get my last trophy, Master Criminal, and have my second platinum... yay. So you can say I will get my final trophy from the patch :D

#7 Posted by RaisingIndiana (84 posts) -

Master Criminal. Which to me seemed pretty crazy until I sat down and got it fast traveling to the stables near a main towns gate and murdering a guard and running away. Took all of five or so minutes.

#8 Posted by Slaker117 (4856 posts) -

I got mine from Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the hunt, which was fitting, as I played a very hunter-like character.

#9 Posted by INV2 (321 posts) -

I saved the civil war quests for the end. I found them pretty boring. Loved the game, but put it to rest on a low point. I'm sure the DLC will get me back into it.

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