Worth repurchasing on PC?

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So I've owned Skyrim on my 360 since last year, but I haven't played it in quite some time. I've been itching to go back to the game for a long time, but haven't committed to it since I've been busy with the current releases. Complicating the situation, Greenmangaming has Skyrim for $22.50 (after the 25% off voucher) right now, and I'm wondering if I could get some duders' thoughts on the PC version. Do you think that mods and better graphics (possibly faster load times?) make Skyrim worth repurchasing for PC at the $23 price point?

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I'd say so, I've got +200 hrs clocked on skyrim, and there's no way I could have kept it fresh without all the mods I've got.

Find a mechanic you don't like? Get a mod which disables/changes it.

Find a mechanic you love? Get a mod which improves/deepens it.

That's how I've gone about it. The only downside is that after a couple of months playing other games, you come back to it and look at the list of 200 mods you need to update (read: 200 new and exciting ways of breaking your saves). But be careful and back up and you'll be fine really.

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I got it on a Steam sale. And the mods add so much more life to the game. Go for it.

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