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I know there was a thread about this exact subject but I can't seem to find it now. Even searched for "story" and "character" and can't find it. Oh well. I finally got Skyrim thanks to a buddy of mine down in Kuwait who slipped it into a logistics shipment coming up here to Iraq and I have to say, I love it. I think it might be the best game ever made, period. As always, I play a roleplaying game the way it should be---I inhabit the role. My character has a backstory and I play the game according to it. I will briefly outline mine below, but here is my point of this thread: WHAT is your character's backstory? Who is he/she? What prejudices, experiences and attitudes shape his or her world and how has it affected your gameplay?

For my first character, I am an Imperial sleeper agent who joins the Stormcloak rebellion but remains loyal to the Empire. I am a female sneaky thief/assassin named Jen who is not above petty thievery. I have almost no combat skills except for one-handed, preferring to stealth right past most enemies. I am doing a lot of sidequests and faction quests right now in an effort to ingratiate myself to the locals, so as better to betray them when the time comes. I am a Nord female who was raped by Nord militia when I was young, so that motivated me to support the Empire. My handlers planted me in that execution next to Ulfric so that he would trust me, and I could move more easily in the rebellion's world.

My next character will be a little old man who was on his way to teach at the Mage's College. I am absentminded and continuously befuddled, always surprised that the world is the way it is despite my book learning. I am furious that I've been detained by these Imperial peasants and came very close to being executed--I missed the start of the semester!--so I will support the Stormcloaks. Total magic user, no combat skills or armor whatsoever.

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Right at this moment my character, Ma'Yushii, has very little backstory. She's just a pretty kitty who wants POWER -- mostly in the form of magic and Daedric Artifacts. Shouts aren't bad, either. But the description of your mage character gives me ideas. 
My two most story-rich characters were a Bosmer and an Orsimer. 
-My Bosmer has a similar story to your current Nord character. When the Empire lost to the Thalmor, a village of Nords took out their anger on him, keeping him locked up and abusing him daily. Then they started using him for slave work -- scrubbing floors, digging ditches, and things he will never speak of... Oh, and chopping wood. But mostly the kind of grunt work that turned him into a Bosmer of unusual size and strength. Well, one day our "intrepid hero" snapped. Murdered the entire village with his woodcutter's axe in a psychopathic fury and ran off into the woods.  
Well, we all know what happens from there, at least the beginning of it, with Helgen, Riverwood, Whiterun and the Dragon. Where Orannir's story differs from the prophecies of the Dragonborn is that he needed to murder again. Not just battle, but murder. To fulfill this desire, he joined the Imperial Army and eventually the Dark Brotherhood. His is a glorious story that turns the clear springs of Skyrim red with the blood of its' native Nords. 
-Then there's Agronak gro-Ushar. An Orc, as you surely guessed from such a name. You know, those honorable Barbarians that think living to a ripe old age is a waste of a life. Agronal loves life and begs to differ. In fact, he loves life so much that he rejects the idea of open battle -- too risky. After all, Orcs are elves too and should be able to live for hundreds of years, right? Maybe Orcs would have power again if they didn't throw their lives away. 
This way of thinking made him an ironic pariah amongst the Pariah Folk. Stupid jerks. So he blew that stronghold joint (some might say 'was thrown out on his ear') and set off to at least get some power and wealth for himself. And boy did he ever. Sticking to the shadows, sticking shiny things in his pocket and playing it smart ended up with him at the head of the Thieves Guild, living the high life in Honeyside and reading books by the fire. Now he's out to gain even more power and someday return to the stronghold and show them pig-faces his way worked and that they should accept him as Chieftain. Well, that last part probably won't happen but at least he can rub his wealth in their ugly faces. 

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A long time ago in a galaxy far away...

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My character is God.

The end.

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My High Elf was with the Thalmor in the Great War, and when the Empire resided with the Thalmor, he joined the Empire. And he kicks ass.


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I have a female orc named Yuma.

Yuma was born in the cold northern Orc Stronghold of Narzulbur. Her mother was a miner who worked long days in the mines but always held her head high. Her father was the brother of Chief Mauhulakh. Growing up Yuma would always hear her father curse and nag with jealousy under his breath for his brothers power. Yuma,never going very far away from the Stronghold, grew up over the years learning how to survive in the cold north. She would go out with the hunting parties, make food when needed, and work the mines. At about the age of 20 Yuma was sent on her first hunting trip alone. The conditions that day were harsh. The snow whipped down from the sky as ferociously as a Sabre Cats claw. Gathering her bow and hunting axe, she set off into the trees.As she walked forward the trees began to shield her from the extreme snowfall so she decided to rest near a treee and wait a bit. As she waited, she tampered with her arrows and axe,making sure they were sharp enough. Then she finally saw it. A medium sized figure was walking calmly through the forest, occasionally stopped and looking over its' own shoulder. Yuma slowly drew her bow from her back, then an arrow, and prepared to fire. She aimed slightly above the chest but below neck, ensuring a clean shot to the heart. She held her breath,blinked once, then fired. Before the subject even had time to react, it was hit. Yuma got up out of her crouching position and began walking towards the hit target. Then, she heard the yelling of the subject. As Yuma walked up she the horrible scene. The target she shot was no animal,but, it was a Imperial Soldier that was dawned in brown leather armor. Yuma froze with a blank stare on her face. The arrow had pierced through the soldiers' armor going through his upper arm and enter his upper chest. As Yuma stood there she started hearing footsteps. As Yuma looked in that direction she saw the rest of the convoy ,they were all Imperials. As the Imperials walked up and saw their friend then looked at Yumas' weapons,they knew right away she had done it. As they unsheathed their swords Yuma began to get scared. They said to her she had committed crimes against Skyrim and her people and that she would be sent to the Cidnha Mines for attempted murder on an Imperial Soldier. As the soldiers lead her to Markarth, Yuma began to cry. After weeks mining in Markarth, Yuma was told her sentence. She was told that she would be imprisoned for life. She was to be moved to Riften Jail though because of space issues in the mines. On the day of her move,Yuma devised a plan. Once they loaded her onto the wagon she waited till the wagon was near the mountains. She loosened her binds and got up to prepare to jump. She leaped, rolling over several times, giving her several cuts and bruises. She managed to get up and began to run to the mountain border of Skyrim. As she was walking through the mountains, she heard strange noises. A second later a arrow went string through her leg, incapacitating her. As she bled out on the ground the Imperials walked up. They saw her bindings and her clothes and knew she was an escapee. As they were bring her back to Skyrim the Imperials who had captured her recieved a letter of the list of crimes done by Yuma she was now sentenced to death. As she awoke in Helgen,she knew what was going to happen. As any orc would,she walked proudly to the block and waited. Then the unthinkable. A dragon came out of the sky and began attacking Helgen. Yuma was helped by another prisoner and escaped Helgen with him. She is now looking for a way back to her Stronghold. Knowing no-one and never seen any map,instead of her own camps, she has a hard trek infront of her. Yet,she is ready.

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What did I say 7 months ago? You'll never know!

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At some unspecified distance in the future, a number of Daedra attempted a final coup to take over Nirn and reform it into another plane of Oblivion, a true Apocalypse. The forces of good fought back, much chaos ensued, until the Daedric forces acquired the Eye of Magnus. Using Hermaeus Mora's eldritch knowledge they managed to use it's incredible power to lock the Aedra out of Nirn and successfully took the world. The End of Days had truly occurred, but with a cost- using the Eye of Magnus in such a way had irrevocably fused the Daedric princes into one super being. Wrought with cognitive dissonance and fearing a self-destruction brought on by their accidental fusion, they use a fragment of Akatosh's power remaining on Nirn in a crystallized form to send their greatest general, a truly monstrous necromancer lich, back in time. Your mission? Use your knowledge of events to come to manipulate the world so that the Daedra can obtain the Eye of Magnus earlier, giving them more time to deduce how to correctly use it. (by completing the Mage's Guild quest, as the Psijic Order isn't strong enough to outlast a sustained attack by Daedric forces.) Other than that, spread filth, hatred, and misery.

Sending the character back in time removed his (or her) lich status (Akatosh's cleansing power wiped you clean) and Akatosh's status as a Dragon God is the reason why you're the Dovahkiin.

This also explains why you just 'show up' to be captured at the beginning of the game, with little practical knowledge of the area or era.

My favorite side 'quest' is marrying a powerful mage, with the intention to 'eventually have magically-capable children' (outside of the events of the game). The character would go on to then steal their body and devour their soul with an occult ritual, enhancing their magical power well beyond a normal being's capability, even as a lich.

My favored layout: Vampire Lord - focusing on Conjuration, Illusion, and Destruction. Wearing Vampire Royal armor, with Morokei, The Ring of the Erudite, and Nightingale Gloves and Boots (mostly for looks). Of course I get the Restoration Perk Necromage, making ALL enchantments more effective on myself.

Favored spells: Conjure Wrathman/Mistman, Lightning Bolt (with lightning specialty).

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My character shares the same name/race as all my Elder Scrolls characters, a Imperial named Jove. I usually play as though they are all decadent of the Jove from the previous game, with the original Jove coming from Daggerfall (Where he was admittedly a Redguard, but I pretend that wasn't the case- or that maybe my Redguard made sweet love to an Imperial at some point).

Skyrim Jove: Jove came from the line of the Hero of Cyrodill, who established a military tradition in the family- the first son always joined the military. Jove was born in the year 175, fourteen years after his brother Rangvard and just two hours after the Dominion army was crushed during the battle of Red Ring. But during the battle Jove's father Arrand- a general in the Legion- was killed by a Thamlor mage who had snuck behind the Imperial lines during the chaos of the battle. Two years later Rangvard joined the Legion and was quickly promoted to Legate due to his valour and leadership skills. But as the second son Jove was destined to be the caretaker of the family farm, a world of glory was not to be his. Despite his apparent lack of need for combat training, Rangvard still taught Jove the ways of the sword and bow as a bonding experience- but soon Jove showed a prowesses for the combat arts that even Rangvard could not match. At the year 188 of the 4E Jove was only 13, but he was still able to use his speed and natural skill to defeat his full grown brother from time to time. In the same year Rangvard was assigned to subdue the city of Bravil which had erupted into violence as the local Skooma dealers fought to control the city. The Skooma dealers did not take kindly to the Imperial interference in their affairs, so a temporary truce was called between the dealers in order to deal with this expeditionary force. As Rangvards unit entered into the city they were met with silence, but soon they were attacked from all sides and massacred. But the violence did not end there, and the Skooma dealers decided to send a message, so a contingent of thugs were sent to the family farm of Jove (In the Skringrad region) . The bandits slaughtered every member of Jove's family, and all the farm hands he had grown up knowing. Jove, being the quick witted boy he was hid in an empty wine cask within the estate, waiting for the bandits to leave. When he was sure they were gone Jove surveyed the destruction, finding a body of a thug who had been slain in the skirmish. He found an note containing the name of the man who ordered the murder of his family, and swore revenge. Jove fled into the Colvolvian highlands and spent his days improving his martial skills, and preparing himself for his eventual foray into Bravil. When he turned 18 in the year 193 of the 4E he made his way to Bravil, sword in hand and revenge on his mind. He stormed into the Skooma dens and slaughtered everyone inside- dealer and user alike. Eventually he came upon the Kingpen, the Lord of Skooma, a small studious looking fellow who seemed more of a numbers man than a vicious gang boss. But again Jove's thoughts of revenge caused him to kill the dealer, as meek as he appeared. Just as the man who destroyed everything Jove had ever known was killed, Bravil guards slipped into the Skooma den and took hold of Jove. He spent four years in prison for his crime, and another four years in the mountains outside of Bruma hunting and fishing as a lonely hermit. Eventually Jove realized there was nothing left for him in Cyrodill, and that he needed a fresh start on life. So in the year 201 of the 4E he jumped upon his horse and travelled toward Skyrim.... Where he was promptly picked up by Legionaries searching for Stormcloak rebels, and the rest is history.

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@ozzy369123 said:

A long time ago in a galaxy far away...

This for my character because their name is Anahkiin Skyrimmer.

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This shouldn't be open, someone already stated we already have a thread about this.

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A mentally ill lizard man who is obsessed with Krang

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I like to keep these things simple so I don't get too out of character with my roleplaying. My character is a socially awkward man with a receding hairline of which he is terribly ashamed, and so will go to extreme lengths to never show his naked shameful head. He collects every helmet in the game and changes to a new helmet on each moonrise. He will go to a dark area where no one is around to change his helmet. If any NPC ever sees his naked shameful head he will commit suicide by jumping off the highest mountain peak in the game.

That is all.

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My High Elf (Tits McGee) is loosely based on the rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan.

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@runnah555 said:

My High Elf (Tits McGee) is loosely based on the rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan.

"The Elder Scrolls: UNCENSORED"

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Mercer the Breton that punches things to death.

He will punch you. You will die. The end.

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My character's backstory is a little more complicated than it should be.

Suffice it to say, he is "The Comedian Of Tamriel", no, not a jester, but someone who could be deffined as the nord version of Edward Blake from Watchmen, albeit a little less morally bankrupt.

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A mean Dark Elf called Cylben.


Cylben Llenim was born in Morrowind, in Blacklight in 4E 05, on the brink of the Red Year. He was at an early age, in 4E 06 taken to Solstheim to survive the Red Year. He enrolled with the Legion, but after being impaled with a sword, he quit at the rank of Praefect.

Cylben is terrified of undead. He's very arrogant, with a harsh attitude, only being nice to those who have done something to him, or to someone who also is a Dark Elf. Perhaps this was because of his experiences of the Red Year, or the death of his father, during the

shipwreck that brought him to Skyrim. He sailed on a ship together with his father, the crew members and the captain Tobias Chillcoat. They were heading for Dawnstar, mostly to provide assistance to the Imperial Legion, which they did by free will. Tobias sailed into

an iceberg killing of the crew. Cylben was the only survivor, grieving over the death of his father. Lost with no idea for the path to Dawnstar, he had to swim in the icecold water, slaying slaughterfish and horkers along the way. He reached Morthal the 4th of First Seed.

He was at that time, 106 years old. However, elves live for about 300 years minimum, so he was very young at the time of his arrival. He was at time almost frozen to death, wearing almost nothing to withstand the cold wind.

I'm thinking of starting a journal about his life, from where he arrives to Morthal to his death I guess.

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My name is Mickio Tanerdum, imperial of my state im a bard or atleast...i was my father, mickio tanerdum senior was one of the richest nobles of all.but one day i was caught trying to assasinate the king's only son, since the king was almost dead he was gonna die soon and he would have been the new king, by killing him my father would be killing and I would be prince. But i got caught, i flew and runned away to skyrim with nothing but a sweet roll and a few magic books. But i got caught entering skyrim and almost got executed. Luckily i survived and i now travel this unkown land getting all the riches i need to become noble of this land, then jarl then maybe king! I will not stop even if i steal to do it. I joined the thieves guild and i became thane of whiterun were i married a woman named saadia. I even killed that pesky ulfric with my blade and im wearing his armor because it looks classy and it shows i have killed this racist traitor! Thats pretty much it for now...

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Race: Redguard

Age: 26

Name: Ekene (Renamed Domitus at age 14.)

Gender: Male

Style: Domitus fights with whatever he must, though is especially skilled with a sword and shield, since that is what he trained with as a slave. He seeks to end fights swiftly, by whatever means necessary. Even if that means avoiding conflict all together with a dagger through the gullet.

Background Story: Ekene was born in the Alik'r Desert, to an enslaved Redguard mother and an Imperial father, who was also the slave master (Hence Ekene's ice blue eyes.) Over the next 13 years his father acquired many more slaves, all to be slaughtered for his amusement, and that of others for a fee. One day his father, who was refered to as Dominus (Roman title for Master), decided Ekene's mother was too old for any real purpose and ordered him to execute her in front of all the other slaves. When Ekene refused and killed four of the guards instead, Dominus decapitated his mother right in front of his eyes. As soon as his mother's head rolled to his feet Ekene threw a concealed dagger, which he confiscated from one of the guards he dispatched, right at his master and father, blinding him in one eye and disfiguring the left side of his face. As punishment his master tortured Ekene for 12 months until he was a perfect slave: Silent, docile, and unwaveringly obedient, no matter the task set before him. At this time his Dominus renamed him Domitus, which means "To have been tamed." Domitus became his master's top soldier. Over the next 10 years, much blood was spilled by Domitus's hand until his master feared his power, and ordered him to be executed. Seeing his master order his death resurfaced the memory of his mother's execution, and all of the bloodlust and anger that came with it. No one at the slave camp was a match for Domitus, he massacared every man, woman, and child in his fit of insane rage. Throughout the night he kept killing, until there was none left but his Domitus, which he decapitated with one clean swipe. Fearing retribution if he was ever captured once again, he fled Hammerfell. After crossing the border to Cyrodill, Domitus decided to create a new life, to become a new man. He kept his name, since it was of Imperial origin anyhow. Domitus spent two years in Cyrodill, living in the Imperial City to make his coin in the Arena as an honest man. On the night of his 26th birthday, he decided to finally propose to an Imperial woman he had been courting for just over a year. Though it seemed Mara did not approve of this marriage, for as he took her to a quiet spot just outside the gates, a theif attacked. Stabbing her in the stomach before making of with her coinpurse, leaving Domitus kneeling with his dead bride bleeding in his arms as the Imperial guards came by. Thinking that Domitus was the killer, they attempted to arrest him, ending in the guards demise with their heads prompty removed from their shoulders. Domitus had to flee yet again, moving North until he arrived at the Cyrodil/Skyrim border where he was ambushed by Imperial soldiers, little did he know they were not for him...

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Merv "Little Bunion" Slapfiddle. A down-on-his-luck lawyer from Solon, Ohio, Merv annoyed one too many people with his favorite joke ("Filibuster? I hardly know 'er!"), and was sent to an alternate universe by a mysterious force or somesuch. That universe, of course, being Tamriel. Delighted to have a whole new world of people to amuse with his wit, Merv seeks the Thu'um translation of his signature joke ("Fus Ro Dah", as it turns out). What he doesn't know is that this joke is perceived by the locals to be so bad that it literally knocks the listener backwards with extreme force. Now he wanders the land in search of somebody that can appreciate his comedy.

Also, something about stabbing people in the face.

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My newest character is a young dark elf, Brecca, aged at 23. He grew up in every dark alley of the Imperial City. Brecca is a very witty, stealthy elf, who is good at alchemy and illusion. Using both of these to his advantage in progressing through his practice of sneaking. He never knew his father and his mother was a Skooma addict. He did they best he could to give her a life. Not telling her that all of their belongings were stolen from the citizens of the Imperial City. Why should he care though? Being a dark elf comes with a lot of discrimination in the city. He feels no guilt for steeling from the wealthy.

One day his mother is murdered by a hooded Nord. He becomes very mentally unstable at the loss of his mother and seeks out his Godfather. The closest thing he has to family now. His Godfather gives him information about his father, who is known as "The Grey Fox". Fascinated with his fathers success in thievery he decides to search for the tomb of his father. A secret location in the land of Skyrim. He leaves in search of the mask, wanting to turn himself invisible in order to kill the Nord who murdered his mother.

On his way through the border he is caught in a mix up between the Imperials and the Storm Cloaks. In the midst of the confusion he is captured and taken to his death. Out of no where this dragon comes down and essentially saves his life. He plans his escape. Trying to escape Helgen he spills the blood of many, tasted murder, and is pleased. He wanders day by day each night dreaming of his mom screaming to avenge her. He goes crazy, and begins to create outrageous poisons and potions. And then he hears about the dark brotherhood. He kills an orphanage mother and is contacted by the dark brotherhood. Placed before him are three people tied up. He must kill one... He slits the throat of the middle one and proceeds to talk to his recruiter. Suddenly he stops, pulls out his most deadly poison, dips his arrows in it and puts an arrow in the heads of the remaining to. Satisfied with this massacre he talks to the recruiter. Knowing this is the perfect opportunity to avenge his mother.

This is as far as I have got as of now. Honestly I just created this character last night. I look forward to developing his story.

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Sorry, wrong house.

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his name is hendric and is a male breton warrior his mother was a wood elf and his father was a imperial when he was 10 years old a group of argonains attack his home at the border between skyrim and high rock his father lost both of his hand and his mother lost her head and died both of them died after a long long long period (19 years )of time he meet a wood elf named malborn (as you know from the main quest) after this (after thalmor embassyd) malborn died at a "party" he said he was going to now he forfilles to kill all argonians and thalmor at sight

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His name is James Longheart and is a breton. James was born in The Protectorate of Betony is a small island in the Iliac Bay, His father is a general in the legion as his two uncles. James has Galenic and elven ancestry(obviously a breton) his great grandfather (in his maternal side) is an altmer. Who resides in the summerset isles with his breton wife. James is the youngest of his brothers and sisters they are five with James (Finn,Boann,Brittany,Anton,and James). James older brother Finn,became a legionnaire. He fought alongside his father(James' father obviously) in many battles.They were sent to the Imperial Province of Akavir to resolve some" issues" that the representatives of the empire had with the Tang Mo , this was their final mission. Mysteriously their unit disappeared. When James grew to the age of 22 he decided to become a privateer. In his first mission they were sent to escort a ship who was departing from skyrim to Black Marsh.Sadly, when they were arriving at Haafingar peninsula. James's ship was attacked by pirates. With their captain dead,James took the helm and did his best to keep the ship afloat. Both ships got destroyed and James was the only survivor. Shipwrecked in Haafingar peninsula, James swam to the shore of Haafingar. Sadly, he was capture by the Imperial soldiers believing that he was a pirate, who was illegally crossing Skyrim with out papers, he was sent to Helgen.

Thats pretty much it for now....

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My Character is named Haldir and is loosely based off the Character from LOtR. I went through all of Oblivion with the same character and I am staying true to LOtR's elves being immortal, however, they can be killed in battle but time has no affect on them. I made the character when oblivion first came out and carried him over to skyrim. I do a lot of good things but at the same time I do bad stuff, giving him a reason to go help the in the battle of Helm's Deep. I didn't put much thought into it as I was young when I made the character and maxed him out on oblivion. But now, I'm planning on doing the same thing with a new account named "Cûron Gondir" which loosely translates from Sindarin (common elvish tongue in LOtR) as Ruler of the Crescent moon. It should have been one word but I split it up so he would have a surname. Working on his backstory now, just like 5 mins ago created the character.

Thank you for serving our country and I've been looking at joining the service as well. Recruiter has just been giving me flak because I don't want to join without an option 40.

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My Character's name is Mordane Ashcroft, a Breton. He was born into a noble family that lived in Daggerfall, but since they already had 5 children, they decided to give him up for adoption. After a month, two mid-class farmers adopted him and treated him like their own. He grew up strong, but kept his magical side in check. With this, he became a Battlemage, a feared and respected kind of mage that would often use both magic and weaponry. But one day when he was 9, some bandits came to the farm. They burnt it to the ground. His parents were burnt to death, and he was burnt a bit himself. This is where he got his fear of fire. He will not use flame magic, and prefers to stay away from a fire. He woke up to a Priestess healing him. He was in the Temple of Kynareth. The Priestess claimed that she found him on a trip to a village. He thanked her, and she even taught him a bit of restoration magic. He stayed in that city for 8 years. Then he left, and became a Sellsword. He got a bit of money, and sent some of it to the Temple of Kynareth as a proper thanks. He worked as a Sellsword for another 10, and left when he was 29. He left for Skyrim, so perhaps he could get a bit more money there. Now he wishes that one day he will get enough money to buy a mansion in Solitude, and have a family.

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Well, I'm really new to the Elder Scrolls, but I have done some forum-based RPGs in the past, and I always like to have a pretty fleshed-out backstory for my characters before starting them. As (from what I've researched so far) Imperials are usually on the side of the Thalmor, or at least are against the Stormcloaks. Therefore, I've been intrigued by the idea of an Imperial siding whole-heartedly with the Stormcloaks. From there, I wondered what would make an Imperial side with such an unpopular choice among their people. That's how Livia was born.

While I'm still fleshing her out, I've been toying with the idea of having her mother be a Dunmer (or at least part-Dunmer) who abandoned Livia to her Imperial father when she was an infant. As she had a loving relationship with her father, this would make her distrustful of Dark Elves. However, as I don't really have the best hand-eye coordination at the moment, I do best with magic over armor/weapons. So I wondered how I could justify a Dunmer-distrusting Imperial favoring Destruction magic over traditional weaponry, so I thought I could make her admire the strength and power of such things to pursue training over it without losing her distrustfulness of Dunmer. This train of thought (as well as her Stormcloak loyalties) led me to imagine Livia with a very peculiar sense of honor- she admires strength and despises weakness, yet she despises oppression (and the allowance of oppression, however passive) worst of all. (Which she despises of Halvor (sp?), which makes her choose to follow Ralof instead). At the same time, she holds grudges for forever (which is why she's not going to forgive the Imperials of trying to chop off her head anytime soon), and hates feeling powerless against the people who do her wrong.

What made Livia end up on that cart with Ulfric and the others was that she watched her father be executed by the agents of the Thalmor for worshipping Talos, and she barely got away from that with her own life (as she also worships Talos). This would cement her hatred for the Thalmor and any supporters of them. Because she was powerless to stop her father's execution, she is now obsessed with obtaining power, and she's willing to do most anything to topple the Thalmor and avenge her father's death. After all that she's been through, she faces her adventure very snarky, sarcastic, and bitter, though she still retains a sense of right and wrong, even if most might find it somewhat peculiar. Though the everyday drama of people's lives often bore and annoy her, she makes the extra effort to involve herself in them anyway, as she's aware that making allies is crucial to obtaining power later.

.... However, as I'm very new to all of this, I'm not sure how realistic this backstory is when compared to lore. If I could have some feedback, that would be great. :)

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Vic Troy is a cosmic being who travels across the fictional universes of whatever video games I play where you play a character with a certain degree of customizability. He/she inhabits the characters mind and body (Quantum leap or TimeSplitters 2-style and possesses them for the duration of the game.

The Skyrim incarnation is a female nord specializing in running at shit with battle axes and heavy armor. She doesn't remember anything about what her character was up to prior to possessing her at the beginning of Skyrim, though the fact that she's trained in two-handed weapons and armor leads her to guess that she was probably a bandit highwayman or something along those lines. Her Oblivion counterpart, of whose adventures she remembers the broad strokes, was a wood-elf who specialized in sneaking and archery. After getting out of jail at the beginning of Oblivion, she rose to become head of the mages guild, thieves guild and dark brotherhood and eventually aided Martin Septim in ending the oblivion crisis.

Skyrim Vic was upset at seeing how Tamriel had changed since the third era. She believes Skyrim independence to be a bad idea, thinking it'll only make it easier for the Thalmor to continue their conquest of Tamriel if the empire was divided further. Thus, she sides with the legion in the civil war and uses her talents to assist them against the stormcloaks and attack any Thalmor on sight. She remembers how the Divines refused to help her Oblivion incarnation because of her bad deeds and thus chooses to fight for good more often than not; aligning herself with the Dawnguard and choosing not to turn on Paarthurnax because he's a cool cat and Delphine and Grandpa can eat a dick. She did however, join up with and follow through with the Dark Brotherhood; the rewards from the last time she worked with them made it too good an offer to pass up. She justifies the killing of innocents with the fact that the Elder Scrolls-universe clearly has an afterlife for those whose souls aren't trapped on death (the plan was to finish the questline then kill everyone and burn the sanctuary because that seemed like a cool thing to do, but all the brotherhood members became invincible after the questline ended). Vic's adventures in Skyrim are still ongoing, but it's starting to feel like she'll be ripped away from Tamriel again soon.

Because the latest AMD drivers makes Skyrim unplayable but the performance boost in other games is too big to give up.

@rebma90 Do you try to also roleplay as the game progresses? Does that mean you only ever pick up the Talos blessing?

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They should ban necromancy again

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He's a lizard dude named Gordon Gecko and he likes to steal shit almost as much as he likes shooting things in the head with arrows.

My other character is an Orc named Clubber Lang and much like his name he likes to club things but he also likes to use magic so he is complicated, man.

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My main character Sylene was born and raised in Solitude. Her father worked in the docks, and was killed in an accident when she was young. Her mother was an aspiring-mage-turned-apothecary who raised her on her own and taught her how to brew potions, cast basic spells, read/write and told her stories about legendary heroes. One day, while searching for potion ingredients in the Morthal swamps, Sylene's mom get killed by a drauger. Fueled by rage, Sylene hunted the drauger down and cleaned out their entire dungeon with her berserk-psyco nord strength and fire magic. Realizing she had nothing to keep her in Solitude, she decided to leave Skyrim to become a great warrior like in her mother's stories. Eventually, she returned to Skyrim many years later, only to be ambushed by Imperials and arrested when she walked into an ambush set up to catch Ulfric...

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A knight, born in Solitude, his father died in battle and his mother brought him to Riften to Grelod the Kind. There, Gregor Jett Dederick learned to fend for himself, never taking along any companion, prefering to fight alone, and travel alone. He traveled to Whiterun to join the Companions after he outgrew Grelod's service. During his trek to Whiterun, he was ambushed and killed by the Imperials. The divine Arkay granted upon him a Dragon's soul. In return, Sir Dederick would have to defeat Alduin to regain his own soul back. After he defeated Alduin as a Dragonbor, Arkay removed the Dragon soul from his body and gave him his human soul back. He lives in Whiterun, as a Companion, devoting himself to the god, Arkay, and traveled Skyrim to live out his life reborn and alive.

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I bought the 360 version recently, actually. I played through it on launch on my shitty laptop which I no longer have, so I couldn't run it otherwise. I forget my original character. I think her name was Scarlett and she was the head of the college of Winterhold, pure mage build.

My current character however is all about two handed weapons. He's the biggest I could make him and his name is Big Heavy Truckster. He just does what he has to.

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