shinjiex's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Xbox 360) review

A Dream Come True!

Skyrim is a game we have dreamed of for years and why we are intrigued by video games
A bold statement but taking into account of what gaming is Skyrim does it all 
providing a game that could take a lifetime of playing making it above & beyond the best value a video game can be
Such could of been the case with Morrowind & Obilivion the 3rd & 4th games of the Elder Scrolls series 
But do to poor design choices and bad porting to consoles those games where never really able to live up to the concept  
of what Bethesda the development & publishing studio was trying to achieve but served as the building blocks 
for Skyrim the 5th installment in the series 
For that we thank them & to all the "beta testers" who played & may still play those games today
The Good +
No random heavy reuse of indoor areas buildings & dungeons making each area refreshing to explore
Third person view & controls is now a viable choice 
Character level building system that is fun taking some aspects of previous Elder Scroll games 
as well as from Fallout 3/NV & mixing in some of Squares Final Fantasy X & XIII into it via the skill tree sphere system
Character Classes be a Warrior a Ninja a Mage a Vampire you know the usual
Cinematic Kill Scenes borrowed from Fallout 3/NV are a delight given you the heck yea moment
Easy quick inventory interface that feels sleek to navigate through 
Simple quest navigation system that keeps you on track
Most important do what ever the heck you want when you want
The Bad -
Release launch date period glitches/bugs patches coming soon as to be expected
Level balance difficulty issues have been reported when it comes to enemies
Some areas can have lighting issues to dark to bright
Graphic issues via playing the game installed on the HDD

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