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           There are currently 2 items pinned to my computers taskbar; Internet explorer, and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. I'll be completley honest, I did NOT expect this game to live up to the hype it was given. But of couse, I was wrong, not only did this game live up to its pontentiall, but it also SURPASSED the hype!  

           Lets begin with the graphics; simply put, this game looks AMAZING, from the butterflies that wander across the land, to the massive mountains that tower over the world. Everything and everyone in this game (With the exeption of female nords polygonal faces) looks realistic, show a screenshot to your gandmother and I garuntee she will think you went to Tamriel on a Vacation. 
            Skyrim's strongpoint is its gameplay. This game has 'OPEN WORLD' written all over it, once the Jarl of Whiterun announces you as thane of the city (The point when dragons start spawning), you can pretty much go anywhere, and do anything, murder a group of Elks with your bare fists, go into a cave and rid it of bandits, assasinate someone for some coin, heck, the list goes on FOREVER. Theres also the story, so I'll try to explain it without making this review completley spoiler-tastic... The game sets off about 200 years after Oblivion, and Skyrim has been plunged into a civil war, with the nord rebels known as 'Stormcloaks' demanding freedom from the Empire 'Imperials'. As if that wasnt bad enough, DRAGONS are being reanimated, and are being led my the son of Akintosh, Alduin, the eater of worlds, the bringer of the end times. Fortunatley, all is not lost as 'Dovahkiin' or the Dragon born (guess who that is!) is set with the task of ridding Skyrim of this terrible enemy, sounds like a promising Story, right? Well, unfortunatley, its SHORT and EASY, I completed the game in about 4-5 Hours on Adept, and 'The Elderscroll'? Kind of a misleading title, counts for about 10% of the story. Luckily, Skyrim is FILLED with Side Quests, adding another 50+ Hours to the experience. Leveling up in this game has been improved over its predecessor. Instead of making class decisions in the begining of the game, you make up your class as you progress in the game, if you wanna be a mage, use magic, if you wanna be a warrior, use big armour and huge axes. Also combat is great, and magic is much more satysfying that it was in Oblivion. The only thing that annoys me though is when you swing your sword at an enemy, it looks as if your swinging at air. 
           I did experience a few bugs in this game, like a dragonsoul not absorbing, a missing sound clip or a broken quest, but most of these can be easily fixed with a few commands in the console. 
           The sound in this game just massages your ears, and while voice acting can vary, nothing beats hearing Nordic chants while battling a dragon. 'Dovakiin, Dovahkiin, naal lok zin los valriin, Wah dein vokuul, mahfreaak mast vaal!' 
Conclusion: Skyrim is a game to be remembered. SIMPLE AS THAT
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