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Does anybody else think Akavir is an under explored area of Elder Scrolls lore?, And would like to see more information on it in Skyrim or even have it included as a setting in a future Elder Scrolls game?.

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You're not wrong, Akavir hasn't had a game staged there and relatively little information is available on it. Seems like a valid enough proposal.

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I've always wanted to go to Akavir. Doesn't it have a society of caped monkeys and an inordinate amount of snake people, or something like that?

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Who knows what's going to become of Akavir? I'm thinking Bethesda may do a couple games in the Akavir region. But that's just what I think, Bethesda still have some countries in Tamriel to show fully. 
And the lack of information is probably due to the fact most of its populace hate men and mer, so much so that they will kill them. So an exploration party isn't realistic.

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It would seem strange though to visit a new continent in the series when there are still "countries" within Tamriel which havent had games set in them (Elsweyr and Black Marsh I'm sure would be popular).

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I would be satisfied if an Akaviri just had a cameo appearance. Like that Psijic Monk did in Skyrim. Although I would be happier to play as a skinny 4 foot tall Dagi-raht mage (a Khajiit breed). Like Tyrion Lannister, everyone would literally look down upon me or think I'm cute & harmless until I throw an Ice Spear through their skulls or jump on their shoulders and snap their necks.

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