Morrowind for $15 bucks. Yay or Nay?

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So Ive recently been playing countless hours of Oblivion (which I have played before but not entirely through)  to prepare for Skyrim and have enjoyed it quite a bit.  I'm sure I still have a ton to do but Morrowind is $15 right now and have never played it or even seen the game before. I have heard good things about it and just wondered if it's worth it to try out for someone who has never played it before. Thanks for the help!

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For pc or console? But the answer is yes either way.

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@august: I figure it would run on any pc thats newer than 05 so yes pc.  Are there any mods that are a must?
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@Sackmanjones said:
@august: I figure it would run on any pc thats newer than 05 so yes pc.  Are there any mods that are a must?
Does it have all the expansions? Blood moon is awesome. 
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I'm guessing on Steam since its 14.99 right now but I'd say no. Thats way too much for that game but then again I'm not a huge fan of the Elder Scroll games. I had to push myself through Morrowind. During the xmas sales on steam, you'll be able to pick up that game at like 5 dollars. I got Oblivion for that much last steam sale.

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Just be prepared for different combat than Oblivion. The combat in Morrowind is different because it relies on your skill in certain weapon categories to land hits, so I'd advice you to put a lot of skill points into sword or whatever when building your character. Also, the monsters don't scale with your level.

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@The_Laughing_Man:  Its game of the year edition so Im guessing yes
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If you're used to Oblivion it might take you a while to get a hang of Morrowind, but once you do you'll see the superior game.

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@TheMustacheHero: So is that a yes or no? haha thank your for the tips though
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No, I recommend you time travel back to yesterday when it was only $10.

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@Sackmanjones: I'm not going to decide for you. I played Morrowind before Oblivion and throroughly enjoyed it when I played, but after experiencing Oblivion, and all it's improvements,  I can't really go back to Morrowind. 
You can decide for yourself based on what I've said. I'm sure you're a big boy. One more thing though, if you can wait till the Holidays I'd advice you to pick it up during the Steam sale then. It will probably be a lot cheaper.
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I think it might be kind of hard to get into Morrowind if you've only played Oblivion.  You could always give it a try though.

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Don't go into any fortresses you find in the wilderness if you don't want to get raped.

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Hmm... I don't know. I've spent an hour or so playing Morrowind and I couldn't get into it at all. The whole game just moves slower than Oblivion and the combat was a major turn off for me. I didn't like how all my hits would physically connect but would cause no damage because my skill wasn't high enough.

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Not for 15.  But when you do get it, type  
and then
Player->SetSpeed 500 
Trust me.

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As some peeps already said; Morrowind is a lot more game to take in, at first, and therefore can be quite the hurdle for a newcomer to pass. More skills, more quests, bigger world, more complicated combat (both positive and negative), no fast travel, and it's not as streamlined and holding-your-hand as Oblivion is. You'll have to rely on boats, silt striders and Mages Guild's teleportation system for travel. And you'll have to do a LOT more exploration, something I find to be really fun, more immersing, and a lot more profitable than Oblivion's scaling loot, which made exploration quite pointless. The story and writing are also really, really good. Deeper than Oblivion by a mile, with both politics and magic themes working hand in hand. I, like many others, believe Morrowind is the better game, in most aspects, and if you can get over the hurdle of a deeper RPG-system (with the increase in reading and learning that brings), you'll probably enjoy your time in Vvardenfell quite a lot. Just make sure to read very carefully, because you will not have a magical compass holding your hand to your destination - you do have a journal to keep track of things tho'. Ask around town a lot. All in all, use common sense that games today seldom require, sadly.

There are visual mods that make the game look a lot better - but that's all I can recommend as far as modding goes, as I believe one should play the game it was meant to be played the first time through. But mods do make the game last hell of a lot longer once you come to love it, and want more. The expansions are really good too, both of them. Real expansions filled with content worth the money. We don't see that anymore, do we? ^^

The sum of it all, and the answer to your question is; of course you should buy it! If only to experience more of the Elder Scrolls mythos, if you like it.

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Great post. I was always super bummed about the lack of silt striders in Oblivion. One of my favorite gaming experiences is hearing rounding the corner of a building, hearing the cry of a silt strider, looking up at this giant bug-like thing and wondering what the hell I had just gotten myself into.  
To the OP, I would definitely say get Morrowind. It's got a steeper learning curve, but I've never enjoyed just exploring around in any game near as much. The harder learning curve makes some stuff feel more rewarding. I still remember getting my sneak skill up high enough to steal an entire set of glass armour and feeling awesome for it (side bar: I think I read Skyrim won't have sets but instead just a single, full body armor piece to wear? If so, lame.).

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