Reading the books?

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So, I played all of the Elder Scroll games from Morrowind and on. I got some mods for Morrowind and Oblivion and recently got the Skyrim Legacy edition since I gave my original copy away a long time ago. I'm just wondering if the books in these games are worth the read, I know some are very long and there are a ton, but is the lore in this series worth it? I read everything with the Mass Effect series as I enjoy the background of RPGs, just wondering how well it is done with these games.

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If you like that shit. Yeah a lot of the books are pretty damn good. Although there is no Lusty Argonian Maid :(

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The lore is great, and worth looking into. Rather than reading the books in game though, which could be a chore, I'd recommend using a website like The Imperial Library.

They have all the books on there, but they also have their own history and lore summaries written in an encyclopaedic style. Well worth your time if you're interested.

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I actually have them on my kindle. They make for great bathroom reading material.

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