The Elder Scrolls V will not be using id Tech 5

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It's official: unless Bethesda's next game is not TES V, the anticipated sequel won't be using the powerhouse that is id Tech 5, Todd Howard told IGN. Their next game will be using a seperate engine.
I don't know how I feel about this. After hearing so much about the wonders of id Tech 5 and the gorgeous Rage, I was praying that Bethesda would use the engine to power the next Elder Scrolls game. He said that id Tech 5 was only good for "contained environments"; isn't this false? I thought Rage had huge open-door levels, with big draw distances and the like.
At least they are done with GameBryo.

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Thank god they're done with GameBryo but I really hope the next engine can handle larger cities (goddamn, I can only imagine Assassin's Creed sized cities in these games! [that might be too big, actually]) and more npcs. Either way, I'm looking forward to anything related to the next Elder Scrolls game.

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