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In terms of gameplay, The End of Time (year ) is the space where your party can save, board epoch and use different time portals throughout Chrono Trigger. It is also the location to find the bucket that leads to 1999 AD, being a possible way of fighting Lavos. Towards the end of the game it also has some importance for getting hints of side missions for each character and getting used to the controls and combat system of the game, since you can battle  for items. The End of Time also helps branch the story of the game, as well as several of the game's endings. Including the people that exist in that era, including the Guru of Time, Gaspar, and the Master of War, Spekkio.

Time Portals

When first entering The End of Time, it is actually by use of the portals. These portals warp a hole through time and space bringing the party there. The End of Time acts as a hub for all the time portals that can be found throughout the game. So any new time portal the player goes through in the game, is automatically added to the hub once found. It is also the only way to reach a certain destination. The only problem is, the portals are placed randomly around the game. There is no unique spot where one would expect the portal to be in each time period of Chrono Trigger, which often leads to a little exploring when first entering a new time period. Examples of the odd spots where a portal may drop the player is in someone's house, the edge of an mountain, or in the middle of nowhere.

The Guru of Time: Gaspar

Gaspar, like the rest of the gurus, was originally an adviser for Queen Zeal in 12,000 B.C. The Gurus were wise, but much against Queen Zeal's obsession of draining energy from Lavos. When Lavos awoke, all the Gurus were sent to different time periods, and buy chance, Gaspar ended up being in the End of Time. Although all the Gurus are distinctive looking, Gaspar is perhaps one of the most memorable due to always been fast asleep with a bubble even blowing from his nose. A neat little touch to the game shows the bubble burst whenever the player talks to him during the game. Despite being quiet for most of the game, Gaspar does actually effect the story, especially when the player has to do side-quests such as saving Crono, which Gaspar proves vital to for his survival.

The Master of War: Spekkio

As odd as Gaspar and the Gurus may turn out to be, not many characters in Chrono Trigger are as odd as Spekkio. This character teaches Chrono and gang the ways of magic during the game. He also tests out your combat skills to see where they're improving and to test out any new moves you may learn latter on in the game. Fighting Spekkio can also be a good thing as he not only gives the players experience each time you fight him, but also rewards the player useful items if they win against him. What makes Spekkio a special character, that makes him much apart the vast universe of Chrono Trigger, is that each time you meet him, his form will change into a different creature. Sometimes he'll be an intimidating foe despite looking very small and weak while at other he could be the complete opposite.

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