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Differences from PS3 Eye of Judgment

Although the game does receive some rebalancing, and a single player campaign complete with a story, the most notable difference between this and the PS3 Eye of Judgment is that unlike the PS3 Eye of Judgment, this game doesn't require a camera or owning physical cards. It is a normal videogame for PSP. Cards are earned by playing through the story and against the A.I. opponent. There is also an online mode where you use cards cards you earned while playing solo. The purchase of additional cards with real money is not an element of this game. (not counting DLC content packs, and even those only need to be purchased once, like any other DLC.)


The changes made to the cards in Eye of Judgment Legends has received mixed reactions from fans of Eye of Judgment. Some criticized the changes as failing to fix the very problems they were supposedly trying to address (stalling) and some even claim that the changes actually made this problem worse if you know how to exploit it.

Besides the rebalanced card attributes, the game attempts to discourage stalling by award the winning player with much fewer points than usual if the player wins by stalling rather than winning normally.

Inaccurate card text

Some card text may be poorly worded or suffer from inconsistencies. (In other words, two cards with the same effect might be worded two different ways.)

Although most cards are technically accurate, some of the cards receive inaccurate text or attributes. Most notably, the attack ranges of cards may differ from what the card says. In some cases, trial and error may be needed in order to figure out a card's actual effect.

Presumedly, these issues are most likely the result of translation from Japanese to English.

Downloadable content

Players can purchase content packs from the Playstation Store. Each content pack awards the player with access to 5 cards that can't be attained any other way. (except by hacking, but this can get you banned from the online mode) However, even after purchasing a content pack, to get more copies of each card, you must purchase them using in-game credits earned by playing against the A.I. opponent.

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