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About Face: The Fall (Mac) Review 0

The term “interface” says a lot about how humans view computers. Meaning literally “an exchange between faces,” the concept of interfacing anthropomorphizes computers so that one-on-one interactions with humans feel more natural. But interfacing isn’t just people talking to machines, computers also interface with other computers without the need for voice recognition or stupid biological organisms getting in the way. Yet this cold digital data exchange is still def...

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The Fall is chillingly gripping 0

Over the Moon's The Fall is an amazingly atmospheric game, with a deep, riveting story, let down only slightly by occasionally rough gameplay mechanics.The Fall begins with the player, clad in an exosuit, hurtling out of space and into a cavern, deep underground. The game immediately takes a left turn when it is revealed the occupant of the exosuit is incapacitated by the eponymous 'fall' from space, and it is left to the suit's AI to protect its pilot and return them to safety. The cavern is r...

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The Fall: Down in a hole 0

You awake, darkness is all around you, save from a few strands of light falling through the hole you created. This is how the 2d puzzle platforming game The Fall starts. You are Arid, an artificial intelligence, connected to a combat suit worn by a human military pilot, but your pilot is unconscious from the fall (see how they did that) and you are programmed to save your pilot at any cost. The Fall is heavy with atmosphere. It's palette is dark and gloomy, it's score is quiet and unsettling. A...

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Rewarding puzzle solving and fun characters over shadow a combat system that I could have used less of. 0

Well written and voiced characters are what define The Fall. Drop in an eerie setting, and interesting story, and you've got yourself a compelling 5 hour experience, which leaves little to be desired.The Fall's story is short and to the point with a few surprises along the way. Of course the surprises are what make the story interesting, so theres no reason to go into detail. With a great sense of humour and strong voice work, the characters are what make the story, and game, a really enjoyable ...

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