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To the Plane of Fear

The Feerrott is a marshland in southern Antonica that is patrolled by many young ogres. The swampy jungle is also where one will find some of the most dangerous areas to explore. The Temple of Cazic-Thule lies to the south, while the god of fear himself can be found beyond a portal hidden in the southwestern corner of the region. A winding road traces a route through the marsh from the Innothule Swamp to the east all the way to the Rathe Mountains to the west. Far to the north, one will find the ogre city of Oggok. While most of the creatures in The Feerrott are fodder for young ogres, those same young ogres are protected by patrolling Bouncers from Oggok that will smash any good-natured visitors to the jungle on sight. A druid ring, to which druids can teleport, near the center of the region allows for quick mobilization of raids headed for the Plane of Fear.

Neighboring Zones


Notable NPCs

  • Annaelia Wylassi
  • Aqaar Aluram
  • Cyndreela
  • Dark Assassin
  • Eleann Morkul
  • Evil Enchantress
  • Oknoggin Stonesmacker
  • Radiant
  • Roror
  • Scout Ahlikal
  • Silverflank Gorilla
  • Spanner Scrapsnatcher
  • The Spirit of Decay
  • Tae Ew Archon
  • Tae Ew Crusader
  • Tae Ew Diviner
  • Tae Ew Protector
  • Thal Tae Ew Cenobite

Notable Items

  • Bronze Weapons
  • Decayed Plate Armor
  • Fossilized Tae Ew Eye
  • Ravenscale Armor
  • Ring of Evoluoy
  • Silver Wand
  • Unadorned Bone Chopper
  • Weighted Gloves

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