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OK... It's just OK 1

The First Templar is an intriguing package from the outset. It is probably the first game that puts a spotlight on the Knights Templar, a prominent religious and military organization from the Medieval Times that was responsible for escorting pilgrims to the Holy Land. As a visual package it looks incredibly dated, given the blocky textures and the character models that looked pulled out of a last generation console. As a game, it has some simple yet fun ideas, combining a combat system with pu...

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The First Templar - That Owl Sounds Strange Edition 0

Let's get this out of the way first, The First Templar isn't a good game in the way that Dead Space or Gears of War is a good game, The First Templar is good because at times, it reaches the strange heights of Deadly Premonition while still providing a fairly decent story, good controls, and an interesting (better than it has every right to be) combat system. Keep that in mind while reading the rest of this review.I wasn't necessarily anticipating The First Templar on it's release, however, I de...

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When was this developed? 0

10 Minute Review(This is my first review using this system so I haven't written the blog post describing my method. Y'know, the old chicken and egg thing. If I can edit this afterward I will put the link in after the fact. And here it is.)Two quick things to take away after playing The First Templar: too many pseudo-cut-scenes, and was in artistic choice or just bad programming that make this game appear to be on the poor technological end of the PS2/Xbox era?I did not test any of the online op...

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