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Once the rulers of the highly developed and tranquil city of New Londo, each were entrusted by Gywn Lord of Sunlight with a fragment of his Lord Soul. The Four Kings were corrupted by the Abyss and Darkstalker Kaathe, turning New Londo to what the player sees and creating the Darkwraiths. The city was then flooded, killing all the civilians, attempting to shut the Darkwraiths and The Four Kings away from the rest of the world. Only those who learn the art of abysswalking, such as Knight Artorias, can survive the abyss.

The Four Kings are a group of four bosses that will spawn one at a time after a certain amount of time has passed. Their attacks range from projectiles to AOE attacks. The player be warned, the lack of floor in the Abyss can lead to a poor sense of depth perception. The best tip for fighting The Four Kings is to simply kill fast, lest the player be fighting two or three at once.

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