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The Game Designer's Studio was a shell corporation set up by Square in order to develop games for the GameCube despite having an exclusive deal with Sony to only create games for PlaySation consoles. In order to evade that deal, Square only held 49% of the shares while Akitoshi Kawazu held 51%. The creation of this company also made it possible to take advantage of Nintendo's Q fund--financial support from Nintendo for new GameCube developers.

The company ended up developing only a single game, the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. During the development of the game on April 1, 2003, Square merged with Enix to form Square Enix, canceling their deal with Sony. Because of this, Square Enix went on to acquire The Game Designers Studio and renamed it to SQEX Corporation. After Square Enix acquired Taito in 2005, they merged it with SQEX to form Taito Corporation.

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