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Material taken from the film rather than the cartoon classic.
The game follows the basic premise of the classic animated cartoon, where the Grinch is out to steal Christmas from Whoville. The game also takes material from the film that the game was released with. The Grinch has to collect items and blueprints for inventions in order for his execute his sinister plan. You will travel through multiple sections of the Who world such as Whoville, the Grinch's cave, Wholake, Whoforest and the local dump.   


The Grinch is an action adventure game in which you primarily prank the Who's, collect items and collect blueprints. The gameplay takes place in entirely 3D environments where you will run around with the goal of ruining Christmas for the Who's. You will mainly destroy their gifts or destroy something else Christmas related. You will collect different blue prints in the levels also which help gain the Grinch use of different gadgets. The use of these gadgets is for creating more misery for the different Who's.  
Gameboy Color Version  

Other Versions

The premise remains the same in the portable version of the Grinch, but it plays much differently than the console and pc editions. The it plays much more like a hybrid of Pacman and the classic Metal Gear Solid. It takes place in an overhead perspective with gifts along paths on a map. The Pacman element is the way you follow these paths to collect gifts while simultaneously avoiding Who's that will catch the Grinch. The Metal Gear Solid element is you can stealthily avoid the Who's by sneaking around the environment, sometimes crawling under and around furniture. You will also occasionally play as the Grinch's dog Max, but the gameplay remains the same.

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