The Grinder E3 Walkthrough

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Not as good as the trailer, but it shows more features and is still impressive for a title with another year of development left.
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The player sucks... Hint: Increase sensitivty, and learn to aim :/

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Heh this game is starting to look rather interesting. The dead zone in this hands on was indeed somewhat to big.

I'm a bit confused why a developer would make the character do a melee attack with the hilt of the gun when it has a bayonet.

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Long load times haha, but its probley just an early dev issue, very Left 4 deadish but thats a good thing, thanks for staying on top of all these vids.

Destructible enviroments and i assume there will be Online co-op, isnt that the point? I cannot believe this is on wii, very impressive

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Yeah it's all about online co-op. They've said they aim for zero load times actually. Meh, Source games take ages to load up and start playing on my top of the line PC anyway. As long as it doesn't interrupt when you actually play, it's all good.

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Sweet, but i really i wanted to see the guy actually die once in this vid because i always worry about the AI, cant wait though

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Wow, the ending of part two with the two werewolves and lots of minions was awesome. This guy would have died a billion times normally, seemd to have some kind of health regen cheat button and spammed it every 5 seconds on occasion.

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The conduit was a pretty bad game.  My thoughts for this game really isn't positive.

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The Conduit has mostly positive reviews (even excluding IGN and the Nintendo related media) so it probably did some things quite right in order to please a particular audience that understood what HVS set out to deliver, which wasn't Metal Killzone Halo 4 in terms of production values, scope and focus, as they're a small developer and previously inexperienced with such titles. Perhaps it wasn't what you're looking for, and perhaps The Grinder, coupled with their experience from The Conduit's development, will be more up your alley. Who knows?

Not that this thread needed reviving just for that random statement, but whatever, thanks for reminding me these videos, they're still cool.

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@Endogene said:
" Heh this game is starting to look rather interesting. The dead zone in this hands on was indeed somewhat to big.I'm a bit confused why a developer would make the character do a melee attack with the hilt of the gun when it has a bayonet. "
Well, I don't know if the developer was thinking this, but a possible advantage to using the butt as opposed to the bayonet is the possibility for the bayonet to become lodged in your assailant, locking you in close-quarters. This is particularly bad when your assailant is a hairless vampire thing.

As for the game, I'm not terribly optimistic. Save for a few sequences, it seems to suffer from some of the issues The Conduit did: slow enemies, deliberately paced encounters, dull environments and an awkward aiming system. Let me just say as a disclaimer to that that I do not believe that a developer should get away with shoddy controls simply by adding a customization feature. As Gerstmann said in his Conduit review, it's up to them, not us, to make their game control well.
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What you're seeing is 2 months of development. The Conduit appears to control good for more people than it does bad, even simply going by the not-Nintendo-related media outlets as I said in the last comment. Perhaps those who find it bad should tweak it to their preference, because if HVS did, then perhaps those who found it good, which seem to outnumber the rest, would then find it bad, and therefor it would do worse? They're hardly complicated options from what I've seen after all, and you don't have to finely tune them if you're hard pressed for play time. Adjusting the few core options, focusing on what you find wrong with them, until you're comfortable with them should be enough... After all, it's similar on PC. The average user tends to prefer low sensitivity options and the WASD keys, but you do see a number of hardcore gamers set them insanely high and change the keys completely. The developer couldn't possibly tweak it to suit all of them in this case, and with the Wii's complex floaty aiming (this style is also used in some PC games like Operation Flashpoint) it would be even less possible, hence the options.

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