Bombcast mystery game?

#1 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2906 posts) -

At the end of this week's Bombcast, a user emailed looking for the name of a game that was 'Part top down shooter, part action adventure' that the crew was not able to positively identify. I'm pretty sure this is the one.

#2 Posted by HatKing (6420 posts) -

I'd agree that matches the description exactly.  Good job.
#3 Posted by Plasma (968 posts) -

Yeah this sounds like it.

#4 Posted by Ventilaator (1566 posts) -

Immediately after hearing the part from the 'cast I sent it in. 

#5 Posted by geddon_jt (6 posts) -

Man, I must be a big geek, but I thought of this game right away. :)

#6 Posted by kamen24 (45 posts) -

I was kind of lost until they said a girl who could turn into a spaceship. Then I was like "Aw yeah I love that game."
#7 Posted by transience (138 posts) -

I just listened to this week's Bombcast and ran here to say The Guardian Legend. I got this game instantly. 
Guardian Legend is an awesome game. TGL best password ever.

#8 Posted by SweetRustyB (7 posts) -

It took me days to think of the name of this game after that bombcast. I have no recollection of the girl turning into the spaceship, but everything else sounded dead on to me.

#9 Posted by North6 (373 posts) -

This has to be the game the person was referring to.

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