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Solid Game Worth the Money 0

About two summers ago if you asked me if I was going to get the new Twisted Pixel game I would have probably said “eh maybe.” But after time with their newer games Twisted pixel has landed on my list of favorite indie developers and all The Gunstringer does is seal the deal.The well-narrated story of the Gunstringer tells the story of a slick marionette outlaw brought back to life in order to inflict deadly revenge on his gang members that betrayed him. The Gunstringers gang of five each has the...

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The Gunstringer Is Breezy, Colorful Fun While It Lasts 0

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I've never had as much reverence for indie developer Twisted Pixel as everyone else seems to. I found their debut effort, The Maw, to be downright boring, and while the 'Splosion Man games have a certain delirious charm to them the gameplay never drew me in. My favorite of their games, Comic Jumper, seems to be their least appreciated. So when it was announced that they'd be developing a new game for Kinect, I was doubly uninterested. But after receiving a Kin...

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Wii shovelware disguised in 'core gamer sensibilities' 45

Take a collection of Wii minigames - not the Wii Sports fun variety, but of the shovelware 'tradition' - give it a coat of paint of 'weird' humor, release it as an independent company and you have The Gunstringer: a game that's idiotic in all levels possible but critics and 'core' gamers will praise just because they want to 'support the small guy' (not to mention justify the fact they did bought Kinect but are too lazy to use it to play what it's generally best for, dancing and sports/exercise ...

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Surprisingly Entertaining 0

Twisted Pixel is the guilty pleasure development company of gaming. Their games are amusing, usually solid in design, and have some really intriguing ideas. Some don't work (Comic Jumper), but most work rather well, such as The Gunstringer.The Gunstringer is a comically fun revenge tale as you seek to exact vengeance on people who wronged you. You, of course, are a skeleton marionette and the game is quite willing to break the 4th wall relentlessly as they openly show that the game is actually a...

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Get a rope 0

Requires Kinect, and some arm strengthThe Gunstringer, and the bundled Fruit Ninja Kinect, are probably the best Kinect games out there. Sadly, that isn't saying that much. Like other Kinect games, the You Are The Controller technology works well enough most of the time, but, particularly in menus, I can't shake the feeling that the whole experience would be better if it were tuned for a standard You Hold The Controller. Once the novelty of waving your arms around wears off, and the shoulder pai...

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The Gunstringer Review 0

The Gunstringer is a Kinect game created by Twisted Pixel. In the game you play an outlaw who was double crossed and comes back from the dead to seek vengeance upon those who betrayed him. Well at least that's what the puppet show is about as you are a marionette. You will be controlling your directional movement with your left hand and trying to squeeze off your shots with your six-shooter in your right. Now of course there is a left-handed mode, so at least this company remembered that the wor...

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