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The Handsome Men are a team of superheroes created by comic book author Trevor Pearlharbor whose actions often leave the pages of ZTT Comics and happen in the real world too. Because of this, in the Alter Ego chapter, Harman Smith is sent to take out Pearlharbor in order to prevent them from creating more chaos, however, while on the hit, Handsome Black turns up and tries to stop Dan Smith from assassinating his creator. During the fight to protect Trevor, Dan dodges Handsome Black's Handsome Wink attack and instead the beam hits and kills Trevor. Stunned by the death of his creator, Handsome Black leaves Dan enough time to get up close and blow his head off. This prompts the Handsome Men to challenge the Killer7 to a number of one-on-one duels in New York City.

This is one of the most unique boss battles in video game history as there are some bouts where there is no possible way to lose, similarly there are some bouts in which there are no possible ways to win and your character will die regardless. After six rounds with 3 victories each, Garcian and Handsome Pink do not fight and instead Garcian call a truce with a girl known as LOVE who was Trevor Pearlharbor's agent and the real controller of the Handsome Men.

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