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Hero of Oakvale

The Hero of Oakvale
The Hero of Oakvale

The Hero of Oakvale is the main character of Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. You begin the game as a young boy looking to buy a present for your sister Theresa's birthday. In the process, however, the small town of Oakvale is attacked by bandits. The Hero is rescued from the carnage by a Hero named Maze, but not before watching the town burn and seeing his father die. Maze takes the boy back to the Heroes' Guild where he is trained in the arts of Skill, Strength and Will, a staple of the Fable games.

After years in the Guild, the Hero finally sets out to make his mark on the world. Along the way, he discovers the true malefactor behind the Massacre of Oakvale and must take up arms against the greatest evil that has threatened Albion since the Old Kingdom fell thousands of years before.

Hero of Bowerstone

A male Hero of Bowerstone
A male Hero of Bowerstone

The Hero of Bowerstone is the main character of Fable II and can be either male or female. This Hero lives in Albion 500 years after the first game. The Heroes' Guild no longer exists, having been overthrown by the citizens of Albion. The hero is introduced as a child named Sparrow, with an older sister named Rose. Sparrow and Rose purchase a magical music box that is supposed to grant wishes. Rose's wish is to spend the night in Castle Fairfax, which sits above Bowerstone.

Later that night, officials from Lord Lucien take Rose and Sparrow to the castle. There they find out that Lucien is trying to bring about an age of peace and prosperity, in which he will rule. Because of this, Lucien is searching for three Heroes, and believes Sparrow or Rose is one of these three Heroes. However, Sparrow turns out not to be one of the three, but something unexpected: A Fourth Hero, who threatens Lucien's plans. With great sadness, Lucien reluctantly shoots both Sparrow and Rose. Rose is killed instantly, but Sparrow survives, with the help of an enigmatic Seer named Theresa, the sister of the Hero of Oakvale. Theresa brings this new Hero to safety, and trains him or her to one day find the three elusive Heroes in order stop Lucien.

Hero of Brightwall

The Heroes of Brightwall
The Heroes of Brightwall

The Hero of Brightwall is the main character in Fable III and is the youngest child of the Hero of Bowerstone, who has died since the ending of Fable II. Like in Fable II, the Hero can be either male or female. Despite the name, the Hero is actually from Bowerstone Castle, once known as Castle Fairfax. You soon come to learn that your older brother Logan is not the King Albion needs and you set out with your two closest friends to bring about a revolution.

The hero's journey leads the player across Albion, searching for support from anywhere and everywhere. As the hero amasses support, he or she must make promises and later fulfill or break them.

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