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The Hive is a horror action-platformer-shooter with some strategy elements. Heavy emphasis is placed on the unfolding story and survival. This sort of blend of genres and aesthetics was later the seed for PointFive Projects' game Bad Bots, but with a sci-fi/horror theme.


Alex Rig is an investigative reporter for the Bulletin Times. He receives an anonymous tip that something peculiar is occurring in the town of Redforest Mountain, Washington. When he arrives, he finds a host of hostile soldiers, as well as some decidedly inhuman entities. Using naught but his wits and whatever weapons he can scrounge up, Alex must solve the mystery of the town and live to tell the tale.


The Hive was subject to a host of accolades, especially in the Swedish gaming media, where magazine "Level" called it the best zombie game of the year (even surpassing Dead Rising 2, as it noted), and the website BLOG'EMUP, where it was called the 4th best game of 2010 overall.

The Hive was entered into a "Discovery"-themed contest hosted by YoYo Games and took first place.

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