Perfect shot or Hand Cannon

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Simple Question. Loved HotD in the arcadeand fancy getting this. Heard a lot of good about the Perfect Shot but wondered if anyone has tried both?

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Lucky for you, I imported two Hand Cannons and should get them any day now.  I'll let you know!

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Okay, bear in mind, I'm nowhere near my Wii, and won't be for another week and a half, so this is comparing an empty Hand Cannon to how I remember the Perfect Shot last time I used it.

For one, the Hand Cannon is HUGE.  From the tip of the gun barrel to the end of the handle is about 11 inches, and it's a pretty think sunuvabitch too.  I actually really like that; it's really solid and sturdy and feels a lot more substantial than the Perfect Shot.  Plus, it seems to be more solidly put together than the Perfect Shot, which feels really flimsy in places (like the trigger and the endtip meant to hold the top of the Wiimote in place).  The handle, too, is far nicer.  It's hard rubber, but it has a bit of a foam-like feel to it, so it feels soft and cushy while being thick and able to take a beating.

The only thing I don't like about it is the nunchuck support.  It doesn't have wiring in the handle like the Perfect Shot does so you can plug the nunchuck into the base; instead, you have to feed the nunchuck wire through the back of the barrel (there's a trap door where the hammer is).  There's a groove in the back of the handle where you can place the wire, which seems convenient and ultimately a better solution than the Perfect Shot's (one of my Perfect Shots no longer registers the bottom plug-in), but I much prefer how the Perfect Shot handles things.

Still, i'm so glad I imported these.  The Hand Cannons, from initial impressions, get my vote hands-down.
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I am not really sure about either, but the Hand Cannon looks sweet. I would get that mainly because it will be [eventually] more available.  You just have to wait awhile.

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Probably should have gotten the hand cannon then. Couldn't find a hand cannon so got the Perfect Shot. Like it though, so not all bad!

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dude - Hand Cannons sound bad ass. how could you pick anything more?

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I'd like to add that I played Ghost Squad and House of the Dead 2 and 3 Returns with my Hand Cannons, and the really big handle started to make my hand cramp a bit.  But man is it fucking rad!!

I just picked up Overkill, so I'll post impressions of said game with its rightful peripheral when I try it out!
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