Has anyone tried this game?

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I was just listening to a recent episode of the GWJ podcast where they discussed this game and it kind of got me interested. Even though i never played a hunting game before, the thought of walking through a virtual forest trying to find a deer sounds kind of fun to me, although it also sounds like a pretty big time sink. Just wondering what people think who actually played the game; is it worth it (i know its free, but so are the stack of games i have sitting next to my pc) ? I had fun hunting the animals in Red Dead so maybe?
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I played it quite a few hours when I was laid off a couple years ago. I played it a little bit a month ago or so. As far as hunting games go, I don't think this one can be beat. It's really good. It is not an arcade game, so it requires a patient demeanor. The graphics really impress me considering you can play the game for free. I never paid to play, though I greatly considered it, even while unemployed. I'm just saying it is well done and deserves monetary support.

When I played about a month ago, I noticed quite a few things had changed. There are a lot of in-game hints that make it easier your first time out hunting. Originally, it took me many tries to ever even spot a deer! But with the new intro system, you'll get to track, spot, and shoot a deer the first time out.

I created a nice gameplay video when I was really into it. I checked my YouTube account, and I guess I never uploaded it there. I only shared it with friends. Maybe I will upload it and link it here.

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It also does microtransactions really well, and the game is constantly evolving and getting updates. Also, the game is absolutely beautiful, and is super optimized.

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@014: i would totally watch that! So far i haven´t tried it and i actually had kind of forgotten about it since its been a couple of months.

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@Bouke: Here are the two videos I was talking about. I uploaded them tonight. They were originally made in July, 2009.

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@014: Thanks for uploading them! That forest does look impressive, especially when you consider the game is free2play! So how long would you say it takes to find a deer? In the video you are sneaking up to that deer with your GPS (or something that looks like it) out, why do you have that out? Does it show your sound level as well or something? Or your visibility?

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@Bouke: Hard to say how long it takes to find a deer. It used to take my quite a long time, over 30 minutes. I looked at my record and saw I did a 2-hour hunt once and never harvested a deer. I'm sure I saw one or more during that time, but I didn't shoot one down.

The reason I have the tracking device out is to help me spot deer that make noises that I can't hear. It could be something that can be fixed by tweaking audio settings, maybe. But I found that the device would indicate a deer making noise when I couldn't actually hear it. That's why I kept it out a lot. It would show me which direction the sound came from. If you start up the game, the new tutorial goes over it.

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@014: Thanks for explaining! I should really game this game a try, if only to wander around a digital forest. Currently there are to many games that i´m already invested in, but i´ll give it a try when i complete some of those...

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