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Unlike the Sniper Rifle, The Huntsman is a medium-range weapon. It takes a full second to charge up and, like arrows do, travels in an arc when shot. This mean that the Sniper is able to get closer to his targets and is also more maneuverable (as you can move quicker then when zoomed in with the Sniper Rifle). An added bonus to The Huntsman is that its arrows are able to catch alight if they pass through a Pyro's flame. When alight the arrows do extra damage and can ignite an enemy. Like the Soldier's rockets and the Demo's pipe bombs, the arrows of The Huntsman can be deflected by a Pyro's compressed air blast.
When the arrow is drawn back for several seconds the accuracy greatly drops due to tension making the Sniper's hand shake. The Huntsman was introduced during the Sniper update along with Jarate and the Razorback.  It has the ability to perform a taunt kill in which the Sniper impales the enemy with the arrow.

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