Behind the Scenes and Dynamic Theme Codes not working

#1 Posted by Tomeh (71 posts) -

Anyone else having this problem? Maybe they're not on PSN yet.

Was actually looking forward to the themes

#2 Posted by Porkellain (264 posts) -

Yea, had the same issue too, even tho this is a minor for me atm, I'll just wait.

Worst thing is the broken puzzle in ICO :/

#3 Posted by Poki3 (557 posts) -

They're going to go up... on the 8th or 10th of October.

#4 Posted by Tryptophan (163 posts) -

I bought the disc from Best Buy

When I insert the disc it looks like there are two discs in the drive. The extra content shows up for me as Bonus Content

I am a little disappointed I didn't get the ICO symbol on Agro's head like the original SotC Easter egg

I have not tried ICO in this one yet, so I haven't experienced the puzzle problem.

#5 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1082 posts) -

@Tryptophan: Do you have an ICO save on your ps3 at all? that is how that easter egg was triggered.

@Porkellain: You may be stuck in the same place i was when i first played, does it look like there is something you need to blow up or break? if yes then there is a bomb that you can use by the staircase.

#6 Posted by notdavid (860 posts) -

@Porkellain: I've noticed a few tweaks to the puzzles. I believe they ported over the UK version, which had some differences other than the extra goodies like co-op. If you're referring to the chandelier, there's something else you have to do.

#7 Edited by thetenthdoctor (303 posts) -

They're right on the XMB below the game itself. Scroll down one more spot and you'll see "Bonus Content", which lets you install the themes or launch the videos.

And the Ico "I" on Agro's head is still here- you just need an Ico save.

#8 Posted by IdosheJungo (9 posts) -

EU and US copies of this game are different US get all extras on disc, EU are getting it as a code and getting only a quater of the videos too

#9 Posted by thetenthdoctor (303 posts) -

Oh, gotcha. I wonder why it is that you guys get shafted on so many game extras?

#10 Posted by Tryptophan (163 posts) -

Doh, sorry for late reply.

I didn't know the US and EU were different, so my post wasn't helpful anyway:(

Regarding the Agro Easter egg: I think I assumed the PS3 version would look at my PS2 saves. Makes sense that it doesn't though.

I just ran ICO to the first save point now my new SotC games have the different Agro skin.

Love that fricken game!

#11 Posted by Poki3 (557 posts) -

The codes are finally working...

You get 14 things... well, 4 really. an ICO Dynamic Theme, a Shadow Dynamic Theme, and 2 videos, a concept video for NICO and a Behind the Scenes video with interviews. The later 2 are in several different languages of subtitles (seriously, they couldn't put subtitle selection?). Two of them are English and just have a different ratings logo at the beginning (PEGI and... something else, Australian rating?). Also both install and run like a game would, they're not just video files.

I think this was handled really sloppy... and we're missing out on several other interesting videos, some of which didn't even need any translating. Here are the missing videos:

The other 2 are also on IGN. Easy to find in the Related Videos section. You can save yourself the trouble of waiting for the slow servers to download it :P

#12 Posted by fetchfox (1499 posts) -

@Poki3: Yeah, they worked fine last night. A little shitty that we didn't get the same videos as in the US, and that they were handeld like games. They should have done it like the GOW collection did where the videos popped up under the movie menu when the disc was in. I wonder why the releases aren't completely the same.

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