Encyclopedia Bombastica? Jeff needs to play this game.

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If anyone isn't familiar with the iDOLM@STER series it's a Japanese rhythm and simulation game. You dress up your (mostly underage) Japanese idols with drill hands and the ghosts from pacman, endure minigame training, live performances and promotions to make them the best selling and Top Idol group in the land. 
In essence the game is similar to Skylanders. Except instead of paying hundreds of dollars for new figurines Jeff would be paying thousands of dollars for new songs and accesories.
The game is actually surprisingly deep and you need a solid and well thought out production strategy to get the best ending. But I really just want to see a return of the creeper cam, or that the game will inspire Jeff and Patrick to recreate the infamous Boromir video.

 So is anyone else familiar with the iM@S series of games, or feel there is some equally crazy game that Jeff to look at for the new segment?
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Jeff doesn't speak Japanese.

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That would make one unfunny segment.

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idols are the worst of the worst, shut up

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jeff ples play hatsuen miku pls jus do this for me ples

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@BraveToaster: Thinking on it, I guess you're right. After the initial "Lol how weird" there wouldn't be much to say.
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I don't think Jeff would have much to say about the game because the whole segment is based around games that he thinks people need to know about. Idol games are a extremely niche market over here. If I didn't have to jump through a ton of hoops to play them I'd actually try them out myself though. I actually really liked the hostess mini-games in Yakuza 4.

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